Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to Get MCT and Coconut Oil

Bloggers want to know about MCT, a coconut oil extract that has been purified. I have gotten Smart Basics MCT Oil 16 oz. for $7.94 plus shipping and handling from, 130 Lexington Parkway, Lexington, North Carolina 27295. You can get it sent to you on a regular schedule, or you can order only one or two bottles. Carefully read the directions or talk with customer Service number at 700-793-2691. Recently I baked brownies with it. As I shared in posts below, I put it in oatmeal and pancakes and anything else I can think of including salad dressing.

I also get a huge tub from Tropical Traditions, Inc., P.O. Box 333, Springville, CA 93265, 1-866-311-coco--


  1. I've enjoyed reading through your blog too, Plant City Lady. I can see heavenly footprints across your day. May God continue to bless you with His amazing grace. Amen Lady of the Lake

  2. Thanks I will visit this site.