Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scenes from the Country

At one time our home used to be a farm house for a larger tract of land. A rodeo was once operated
in back of our current property by a previous
owner of our home. We just have one Maltese dog, Ziggy, who is entertained by all the other critters nearby.


  1. In honor of the current Plant City Strawberry Festival today I brought strawberry shortcake to the covered dish church luncheon we always have on the first Sunday of the month.

    There is no public school tomorrow in this area so students can attend the Festival. Some have entered animals and other projects in the Festival.

    My husband also had strawberry shortcake with ice cream and nuts for supper--what he wanted!No sugar was added to the strawberries, cake or sugar free CoolWhip. Just the ice cream had sugar. Walnuts provided some protein.

  2. Pretty pictures, NewKid. We're starting to see strawberries being sold on the shoulder of the road. The peak season here is a little later. Have you ever heard of Ponchatoula, Louisiana? It's the strawberry capitol here in Louisiana and there's a big festival there every year.

  3. In the Northwest where I live, we are enjoying strawberries from California and out of the couuntry. I am just happy that I can see the little runners coming in our garden--so we'll have some by mid-summer. My husband just built several raised garden beds so we are looking forward to growing vegetables and flowers for the first time in a while. Linda

  4. We even have delicious Strawberry Wine from a winery near here.