Monday, March 30, 2009

Memory Test

For my husband we have things as orderly as possible. I don't change his things. His routine works for him--very well to this point.

But, I've been leaving things lately or can't remember where I put something. We have construction and painting here and hopefully when it is done, before Easter, the house can be put back to order. Then, where did I put things? Starting to get concerned, I took the informal test below and passed. By the way. It is not the test the doctor gave my husband when he was diagnosed with dementia.


  1. Took the test, so far okay.

  2. Hey there haven't been on in a while, it's "The newer kid"... anyway, nice to see your doing well. Miss talking to ya, I've been through my own depression lately, Gosh I hate it!!
    My prayer for you and me... Please God help us to be faithful while were in our dark hours, let us Not turn our hearts from you, you are the only giver of light. I'm going to take that test too!! CS