Saturday, March 21, 2009

How Much Is That Doggy in the Window?

"Why isn't Ziggy at the window?" my husband asked as we came home tonight from having dinner at Buddy Freddy's Restaurant.

"Think about it," I said gently.

"Don't play games with me," he retorted.

Yes, Ziggy is usually at the window when we come home. He gets up on the table after jumping up on a chair, waiting for his masters to come home.

"Because Ziggy is in a cage," I answered not demanding he figure out the riddle with his short-term memory.

Earlier Ziggy had been a bad dog. My husband said he would be locked up for three days to teach this puppy a lesson. Simply he hadn't remembered the punishment and that he had given Ziggy.
How had Ziggy been bad? When I came home today from teaching a class for DUI offenders, I brought groceries. Currently I am not parking in the garage because the painter has supplies in the garage. I opened the garage door with my garage door opener and my husband thoughtfully helped me bring in groceries. Well, this was too much for puppy. He runs out the door my husband had opened and out the garage. I nearly slip trying to catch Ziggy who darts across the street to see the girl puppies next door to the horses. My husband runs across the street to get the wayward child and is furious that Ziggy would do such a thing.

"To teach Ziggy a lesson the dog will have to be locked up for three days," he proclaims. He will put him in the craft/guest bedroom.

"Sweetheart, there is too much in there for a year and a half puppy to get into. How about the guest bathroom?"

The bathroom it is until Ziggy starts scratching on the door.

"How about his cage?" Ziggy was put in the cage while we went to dinner.

And so hubby didn't remember why doggy wasn't at the window two hours later.

No, Ziggy didn't stay locked up for three days, but my husband felt like having him locked up three days and I certainly want to reinforce "come" when we say "come, Ziggy."


Dog Ziggy was in a canine St. Patrick's Day contest last Saturday. I made his costume with a machine embroidery rainbow spilling into an appliqued brown pot. Then I superglued pennies for the gold at the end of the rainbow. He didn't win, but thoroughly enjoyed all the attention and other dogs. He got out of his hat at the last minute when it was his time to parade across the stage and the hat hung around his neck. Next year he may have the luck of the Irish with more practice for him and for me working on a better hat.


Meanwhile, it is I who needs the training in working with the hubby and the dog.


  1. Sorry to hear about the difficulties your husband is having. It's a terrible disease, isn't it? My mom was talking about my dad's funeral recently and she actually asked, "You were there, weren't you?" Broke my heart.

    1. Yes, it is a terrible disease and it would get worse four years later as I am continuing this blog. I had forgotten that once Ziggy had gotten up on the table when I went to look for this window picture.