Saturday, September 26, 2015

Holding On

Many times life doesn't give you many options but just to hold on and wait. This is the situation with the sale of my Plant City home. Everything was set to close until



Passed plumbing

Passed air conditioning

DIDN'T pass electrical

DIDN'T pass roof.

I had no idea.

"How are you doing, Carol?"

I guess I would say that I am disappointed but holding on. I am holding on to someone buying that house for cash--a fixer-upper. I really can't put money into the house. With the second mortgage, however, we had made improvements and thought the house was perfect for a sale. Worse case I guess the house will go into foreclosure. Pray about this, folks.

"How are you doing, Carol?"

I didn't want to be a widow again. I miss my husband, but am grateful that I was his wife and then caregiver. I DO NOT wish to marry again. I am 71 years old. Why would I want to risk being a caregiver again?! Or have a spouse who would have to care for me.

So what have I been doing in the past month while I thought there would be a closing on my Florida property? Getting used to the talk here in Huntsville, Alabama.

I have been learning new names and getting acquainted with Huntsville, AL I have been adjusting to details of resettling. Finances have been an issue because of resettlement costs and my family has loaned me money that I will pay back.

Substitute teaching in a new city has been a joy. Six of the seven schools I signed up to substitute teach at have been calling me. Students love my rapping at the end of the class period in middle and high school. I am getting more views and subscriptions to MC AC The Rap Lady on You Tube. I can only teach 3 and 1/2 days a week because there is some law that the schools would have to pay medical insurance for me. But I even am getting requests for my substituting into January!

Extra time during the days I can't teach means that I can attend certain a ladies Bible study and a book study at the church I am attending here.

I participated in the Alzheimer's Association's annual walk at Huntsville's Botanical Gardens with small dog Ziggy eagerly walking the two miles. Ziggy even got a purple scarf to wear around his neck. I joined a Toastmaster's club. I go to Weight Watchers and have maintained my forty plus pound weight loss.

But the biggest delight is getting in on family events here.

Today I went with my sister-in-law to a movie with her grandkids. Next month I have the privilege of planning her birthday party at my apartment.

I am just holding on because of the One who holds on to me. I read this morning in Psalm 139:

"You comprehend my path. . . 
You have hedged me behind and before. . . 
Your right hand shall hold me. "


  1. I think you have a great attitude with holding on, Carol. It will all come together with the house in God's perfect timing. That is cool too that you have people wanting you to sub all the way into January!


    1. Thanks, Betty. It is hard to wait to see how it will all come together.

  2. Thankful to read that His grace is sufficient. He is weaving beautiful blessings along with your hard times. He is a master Weaver.