Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Moving, Part Four

I took this picture in June of 3013 so I could write about Shingles. I knew I wanted to write about Shingles, but I didn't know I would do it from personal experience.  Oh I did have a prescription to get my shingles vaccine, but didn't want to spend the money and my husband was going downhill and that was my priority. So this is the first thing that has come back to haunt me. You see I have had Shingles recently with its physical pain and with the realization this might have been avoided. 

The next thing that has come back to haunt me is plumbing. I have well water and  have not maintained the water softener and consequently have rust in the water.  I should have been on top of this in the past. Actually the plumber was called almost a year ago about the rust problem and he didn't show. See HERE.  I didn't keep on the problem, perhaps because I was attending to my husband. 

When the sink clogged up and the wash machine over flowed, I did get a new plumber. He solved that and was to bring someone else in to give an estimate for helping with the rust. Before that could happen, however, Sally gave me another plumber who has put in a new water softener and saving me maybe $700.

How can I substitute  teach all January and have plumbers come to the house? My retired brother from Huntsville recognized the problem and came to Plant City. Together we strategized on what would be needed for the house to sell. 

We went through all my books and had three stacks:
  1. Books I need to keep.
  2. Books for my Huntsville nephew to sell on Amazon.
  3. Books for a yard sale or eventually to donate. 
My brother was honest about what should not be moved. My realtor also is honest about the house. Less furniture will mean an easier move and will allow us to have the rug cleaned. The rooms will look larger. Pharis and my brother both cleaned out the workshop and the garage. When I went through the series on this blog, The House That Cleans Itself, the workshop and the garage were the last two areas that I didn't get to because of my caregiving duties.

The garage is now the designated spot for garage sales. One was held last Saturday and later in February more yard sales will happen.

Saturday, January 24,  we (my brother and I) had another yard sale for my stuff and only signs at the end of the street publicized the event. Even so I made $335.50. Large items included that corner cabinet I featured December 25 on this blog HERE. That corner cabinet would be problematic to move. A large chest was also sold. More yard sales will follow at the end of February. and someone is coming tonight to look at the piano tonight.

The workshop is now the designated place for boxes to be moved and boxes to be packed and put in the workshop. Where have I gotten these boxes? From the cafeteria at the high school where I have been substituting.

The house will be sold "as is" and has yet to be put on the market. The carpet will be cleaned on February 6th rather than taken up.

So much has been done and I have my marching orders. I have this table of stuff to go through before the carpet cleaner comes on February 6th.

Where the pool table used to be

I am so grateful for my brother from Huntsville, Alabama, who was able to come for a week when I just had thrown my hands up in despair at getting ready to move. Logically this retired rocket scientist took me through rooms and we made decisions. He met with the plumbers, and the carpet cleaners. I am so grateful for Pharis who has been fixing things around here so the house will be ready to sell and who is even coming today while my brother is driving back to Huntsville, Alabama.


  1. Pharis is certainly your angel in disguise! And so wonderful your brother loves you so much to come help. God Bless you Carol, keep on keeping on, it will all be done soon.

  2. It was good your brother could come and help for the time he did. He was able to be logical to do exactly what he did, go room by room and figure out a plan on what stays, what goes, how to stage things, etc. Sometimes those of us close to the stuff can't see that. You saw the items as things that might have meant something to you because of your husband, your brother saw things that could be cumbersome to move. I always think it is easier to move "light" so to speak. To take the least amount. Our last mover said if he were to ever move across country, he would be tempted to sell everything and then start fresh wherever he moved. And that came from someone whose profession involved people moving their things.

    Your plans are good ones with what will happen. Someone should be interested in the house especially if they think they can get a good deal on it, fix it up and then either rent it or sell it for a profit. Plenty of investor people like that out there.

    Good reminder too for those who are care givers to take care of their own health first. That "simple" thing of getting the shingles shot a few years back would have saved you immensely the pain you had plus the "inconvenience" of them, not being able to teach, go to church, etc.

    You're doing great with your plans!!!!


  3. Carol, I am so sorry to hear you had shingles. I had them after my father died. The most painful thing I ever experienced. My NP told me I need to get the vaccine after a year of recovering from (the plague) shingles. Some people get them more than once contrary to what I believed. So glad your brother came to help you! I will be praying for the sell of you house and your health ......shingles. Hang in there! Hugs, Karen

  4. Thanks for your thoughtful replies and prayers, Mary, Betty and Karen.

  5. Good news. The piano has sold and so the living room rug can be cleaned.

  6. I got that area in the den pictured above cleared before the carpet cleaners came on February 7th.