Saturday, January 24, 2015

Taking Care of My Grandfather: Guest Post

Janeen at Strawberry Crest High School
This was a simple assignment I gave at the beginning of January at the high school where I have been assigned as a substitute for the month of January until the school can hire a new teacher. 

What is the greatest gift you have been
given and what are three reasons why?

I was very surprised to get this heart-warming answer from sophomore Janeen, who has as a career goal to be a Cardiovascular Surgeon. For a summer she received the gift of helping to take care of her grandfather who passed away two years ago. She is so glad she did and her memories of helping him are amazing. This photo and writing are used by permission of her family. 

The best gift that I have received this year was being able to get through another year without my grandfather. Yes, it seems like a weird present to be grateful for, but when I explain more you will understand. When it came to my grandfather's death, everyone saw it differently. 

For me, I was relieved. You see, my grandfather had a disease called dementia, king of like Alzheimer's, but a little more complicated. In his last year I got to be by his side during the summer. At first it hurt, but then I got to experience the good--such as watching old westerns and hearing him laugh or when he lost his leg and cried in the ICU. Actually he let us get closer to him and take care of him. It really touched my heart.

So when he passed away of course I was sad, but at the same time, I was happy to know he isn't in pain anymore. Every year I remind myself he is okay and I will be too. 


  1. very touching story. Sad but hopeful too. :)

  2. She is very wise for one her age. It is good she had the opportunity to participate in his care in his final days and to also see there was some good in it. I'm sure she will continue to do well academically and professionally in the years to come.