Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I'm Learning About Senior Health, Part Four

I  have  hearing loss. I admit it! How does this manifest itself? People tell me. Talk sounds garbled to me. I tell people to speak up. So I went to an audiologist and she diagnosed my hearing loss. I have applied for a scholarship for those hearing aids. It is several thousand dollars and we just don't have the funds and Preferred Care Insurance will not cover it. Maybe the scholarship will come about.

Hubby and I can joke about my loss, but really it impairs our communication. I am in one room and he says something from another room, for example. Telling him to speak up doesn't work. Then when I get there he forgets what he said! We laugh about this, but I do need help with my hearing.

Speaking of applying for help, Sally suggested we use our local senior center for day care for our husbands. Both husbands are now on the waiting list. The fee is based on our income and we feel that our husbands will enjoy doing this together. However, my husband doesn't like the idea at all and says that Jake can just hang out at our house. He actually was mad about it--says he doesn't need a "babysitting" service.

Last Saturday our husbands enjoyed chatting while Sally and I walked around Lake Hollingsworth to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association. Our husbands were actually "babysitting" each other and so enjoy each other's company. Sally and I loved walking around the lake and the fact that we could help support the Alzheimier's Association which is so helpful to both of us.

Husbands sitting at far right

Lake Hollinsworth--almost a 5K walk


  1. I love the picture at the top. Not to make fun of it, but my husband's grandmother (she's 93!) has had significant hearing loss for awhile. Conversations with her go about as well as the picture! She refuses to get her hearing tested and get a hearing aide. I'm sure I'm destined for hearing loss, as well. I've listened to too much loud music and have never worn protective gear when I mow the lawn. I really need to get some ear protection!

  2. It's so wonderful that you all have your friendship to support one another.

    I wear hearing aids and I love them. They aren't perfect,but they sure help!!!!
    Hugs and prayers,

  3. I'll be needing hearing aides one day soon. My hearing has declined over the years so I'll be curious to see how your process goes. I've often wondered how we would pay for a new set of teeth. :-) Seriously though, it is a concern when you're on a low budget.

  4. I just wish that there were more daycare centers for people like your husband and mine. Maybe someday in the future.

    I am getting hearing loss as well. Mine is from tinnitus, just trying to hear what is said over the ringing in my ears. It sucks!!