Friday, November 9, 2012

The Alzheimer's Ready Home

Water stained wall

I suggested to my husband that he could water flowers while I worked. He did that. What we didn't notice is that he had left the water on and it was on all night and rust from the water has stained the wall. Fortunately this is in the backyard.

My husband has a lot less interest in taking care of our yard now. Jake loves to feel useful and loves to help us with our yard.

I am writing about The House That Cleans Itself, but there are so many issues for the caregiver in an Alzheimer's ready home not included in that book for the general audience and so I turned to this source: . Issues include:

Judgment: forgetting how to use household appliances. Speaking of this my husband has no interest in the computer now. He is proud of some equipment in the shop and in the garage, but really doesn't use it now. On the other hand, Joe, a blogging friend with dementia, uses his computer often. Jake loves to use yard equipment. Fortunately Jake doesn't have a riding lawn mower, or he might wander with it. My husband has a riding lawn mower, only it is hard to get him to use it and I am not comfortable with it yet.

Sense of time and place. I have noticed how my husband when we are out driving about (I am the one driving now) thinks that something by the road has been there a while. He and Jake can make up memories. Once they both decided that a restaurant had been on a certain corner--but not so. Sally and I just smiled about this. Hubby does use his Timex watch for the day of the week and the date  and his clipboard with the daily schedule for both of us that I have typed up.

Behavior: becoming easily confused, suspicious or fearful. I think the coconut oil I give my husband helps to calm him and also I keep very calm myself.

Physical ability: having trouble with balance; depending upon a walker or wheelchair to get around. Not so far. We always hold hands when we are out and I understand my hearing loss can create balance problems also. Hubby carries heavy things for me because of my carpal tunnel.

Senses: experiencing changes in vision, hearing, sensitivity to temperatures or depth perception

There is a Alzheimer's Navigator on the above site: You go there and take a survey. Be prepared to give the date of the diagnosis. For example, my husband's Mixed Dementia was diagnosed in August of 2010. More on that navigator site later on this blog.


  1. It's fascinating that coconut oil can be so helpful! I just ran out of a small jars worth. We've been using it on popcorn.

  2. Too bad about the water and rust stains, but it could be worse.

    I'm so glad the coconut oil is helpful for you all.