Monday, November 15, 2010

Saga Four

Sally and I went to the ALZ care group while Jake helped DH plant plants in the circle in our front yard. They have a fence that needs painting. I wonder if I can send DH over there to help with that.

I participated in the Memory Walk for the Alzheimer's Association on Saturday. Thanks to Lisa, Jane, Sherry and Phyllis who contributed funds for my team.

We appreciated the other primary care doctor my husband had, but it turns out the PPO such as AARP is more expensive. We will save so much more with an HMO. Today, after researching programs to supplement Medicare,  I signed us up for an HMO with WellCare for 2011. This wll help tremendously with the cost of medicine I wrote about in July. This involves a change of doctors for my husband, but I can keep the same doctor. I talked with the business manager in my husband's new clinic and we chose a new primary care physician.

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  1. Congratulations to you for participating in the Memory Walk!!!

    It's so wonderful that the two men can do some things together and enjoy one an-others company.......friends are such a God given blessing.

    Yea, for your research and finding a good/better health care plan you all.