Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saga Five

DH is trying so hard to have a normal life and I am trying hard to give him that normal life. He used to be the one who managed technology; however, it confuses him now--big time. Now I have to be up on everything--often a challenge for me. He has such a pleasant personality, except when something doesn't make sense to him.
  1. He asks me how to input an address in his GPS and I write it up for him. Guess what the address was for? A movie store in Lakeland! Now I pointed out to him that Block Buster Video is closer and really don't want him going to Lakeland, but he enjoys his independence. He still hasn't figured out that Alzheimer's impairs him.
  2. He asks for directions to be written for how he watches his movies on DVD and Video. Recently we realized that neither one of our DVD players were working and so we bought a cheap one--not the "blue" kind. He needs written directions so he can manage his hobby of watching movies.
  3. The suggestion was made to order DVDs, but you know, hubby doesn't remember all about a movie and likes to own them so he can see them again and again. We have a list of his DVDs and videos so he doesn't order one he already has. Thanks to my sister-in-law for typing up that list I just maintain now.
  4. He loves to accompany me and relishes rescuing me if I am somewhere and have car trouble. He has major places I work in "Miss Garmin", his GPS.
  5. Two days this week he has forgotten to eat lunch. When the WellCare insurance man was here on Monday he was very mad about the length of the visit. (AARP is increasing their insurance fees next year. But we won't be under their Medicare Advantage plan any more and will save money not only on the fees but also on medicine.) He was hungry! We went to dinner after that important insurance appointment and when we came home I saw his lunch in the refrigerator. No wonder he was hungry! He hadn't eaten.Another day when I called I mentioned lunch; he said he had eaten, but really that was another day he was remembering.
Life still is confusing for him. The big FlyLady calendar helps so much as does his watch. Time is a huge part of his confusion and all I can do to explain time and events to him is so helpful.

Next week I get to be with him 24/7 and so he will have less confusion. Hope I can coax him into cleaning the carpet and weeding outside, but if not I will just remain calm and manage getting ready for our five Thanksgiving guests. Hopefully my sister-in-law will notice big changes in simplifying at the house. Still have to figure out what to do with the stuff in the garage that didn't sell. However, next week doesn't register in hubby's mind. One day at a time for hubby. We should all live one day at a time! 


  1. You are going soooo well!
    Hope the Thanksgiving Dinner is really special.

  2. Good post, sorry I'm late reading. Yes, we all need to take one day at a time and we wouldn't worry near as much. Sure is hard to do sometimes.
    I hope your week is a good one!!!
    You're in my thoughts and prayers each day.

  3. I recognize so much of what you are going through now..(Elbert is way past that) and I feel for you in your efforts to help your husband through these challenging changes of his and your life. Hugs.