Thursday, September 30, 2010

FlyLady's System for No More Spring Cleaning

You will always be ready for someone to drop by!
(Valkommen in the picture at the left is the Swedish for welcome.) I have set up my Control Journal using the ideas from Flylady. My goal is to have a home ready for company by Thanksgiving. Things could change by Thanksgiving, but this is the plan. Author Marla Cilley, the FlyLady and author of Sink Reflections, says that once you de-clutter you work on one zone of the house per week. I am de-cluttering still for the Garage Sale, but am using much
of the five zone theory already, the "home blessing" and the 15 minute timer.

Flylady is delightful. I feel that I am part of a group. Success isn't defined by perfection, but baby steps are okay. "You are not behind," Marla says constantly on her radio program or in e-mails. She tells you to "stop whining" cold turkey! My stress and grief at having more responsibility for things my husband used to do is just irresponsble. Have the systems in that Control Journal--how to turn off the water and the electricity at the house, how to mow the lawn, how to use the carpet cleaner. DH doesn't have the energy now and it is my responsibility. Yes it is a lot and at times situations such as weeding in the yard do get me down. But no whining! As caregivers need to do, I will ask for help.

Here is news in our continuing story.

  1. My pastor has already helped so much with financial strategies and emotional support. I can call him.

  2. We went to a Disney Theme park yesterday--a gift from friends. DH had wanted to do this. We choose Hollywood Studios. Together we will put pictures of this on my husband's Facebook photo section. We did have to take it slowly, but we were able to do much of that theme park. So enjoyable. We ended the day with American Idol, seeing the seven winners from earlier in the day compete.

  3. It's just  under two weeks until DH is tested for driving. He took off the sign I put on his steering wheel (to not drive until tested). He doesn't accept that he may not be able to drive at some point. I am hoping they say that he can drive when I am in the car, but he proudly tells me he has taken a few trips when I am not home.

  4. My husband is wearing a medical bracelet from now. It says on the back his name, diabetes and memory. A card in his wallet tells my cell phone number, our home number, some of his medicine, and his doctor. Should he slip out and drive and have a problem, his cell phone and that bracelet will help.

  5. We are not parking my car in the garage now, as it is the staging area for the Garage Sale. That sale will happen when I am ready--why stress about it!

  6. As caregiver Dolores e-mailed me this week, it is one day at a time. She also quoted her favorite verse from PhilippiansI can do all things through Christ who strenghthens me.  


  1. There is something very comforting and reassuring to have things in order. It sounds like you are really getting on top of it! The theme park looks like a great day out, too!

  2. Did the 27 fling boogie this morning. 27 items in the garage for the garage sale.

  3. I betcha the steps you're taking to de-clutter will give you such a good feeling of peace and contentment. And it's such a good feeling to know that someone can visit, and even though the house may not be spotless clean, if it's de-cluttered it will feel clean to visitors.... this is what I've discovered.

    Your trip sounds like fun. It's good you all could get out and have some fun.

    Hoping the driving test goes well!

    Have a blessed Sunday!!!

  4. It sounds like you are doing great with Flylady's plan! I really like the idea of no more spring cleaning. Maybe I should hop back on the Flylady bandwagon for a bit. I know it's extremely helpful.

  5. It is interesting that this over three years old post on FlyLady is coming up to be read again. I am also in the midst of the book, The House That Cleans Itself. Both books have great perspective. Maybe I should compare them.

    Meanwhile other issues are coming. It is always something, isn't it! I reflect that hubby is so happy to be a passenger now. Driving is not an issue as it was in the fall of 2010. Finances still are and fortunately I can still work. I am glad we went to Disney back then, because walking in a theme park would not work now.