Tuesday, September 21, 2010

He Can Do

It is early morning now. I go out on our backyard deck, accompanied by our dog in the cool and quiet. A full moon is overhead. I pour my heart out in praise, adoration, confession, pedition and surrender to God. I am thankful from prayers of people I know, don't know or have yet to meet. Some of those people follow this blog.
  • C writes in an e-mail: I would be honored to receive any prayer requests you want to send.  We have a family prayer time most evenings where I write the requests we received that day from church or wherever on an erasable whiteboard in our dining room and we pray over them.  We will be praying for your husband's ability to accept the loss of his freedom to drive and the loss of his car.  
  • H writes in an e-mail: Father, I want to pause and pray for Carol. You have seen fit to give her a difficult burden, please give her the assurance that you are going to provide the strength, the wisdom and the patience for this walk. Lord, I pray for her husband. As he is in the limbo land where he knows what is going on and yet knows that what is going on is not “normal.” Help him Lord to trust Carol. Lord, I remember how blessed I was that my Dad trusted me. Lord, bring those around her that she needs to support her and Lord, provided the economics to fund everything to meet their needs even as you have promised to do. Thank you, Lord. Amen.
  • A Plant City church (not even my church) calls and asks for prayer requests. They must have gotten my name from the phone book because a postcard dated September 16th comes in the mail: I want to let you know that we prayed for you tonight, for wisdom and courage in the days ahead. We believe that God does answer prayer.
  • A friend from Tennessee calls last night and reminds me that her church is praying for me.
God is able to forgive when I get angry in my heart at the insensitivity of others. God is bigger than my stress. God is able to supply our needs. He who put that moon outside and hung the stars can do. He goes beside the blogger who has ALS, the husband who is separated by necessity from his wife undergoing cancer treatments in another country. He can do.  

Thank you Lord that you privileged me to bear this trial with the pillars of prayer of others.  


  1. The fellowship of the saints, both known and unknown to us, is amazing, isn't it. May our great God, comfort and uplift you and supply your every need, as he has promised!
    Indeed, he can do!

  2. Hi Carol......
    Oh how true about the people who remember us with their thoughts and prayers......it means so much!

    Living with Alzheimer's can leave the caregiver feeling so alone at times..... a phone call, visit, e-mail..... A connection of love, concern and especially prayers can change a bad day to a good day.
    Your friends are wonderful...
    I hope you all are having a good week!

  3. All these emails and phone calls being so heartfelt must be a great encouragement to you. I agree with Dolores , your friends are wonderful!
    Blessings and prayers to you !