Sunday, November 1, 2009

Interest in Games

My dear husband participated in a game this afternoon at church for our Reformation Party.

When we got home we played three games of pool. I am not as skilled as he is, but I finally won a game at the end. He was very pleased with me and I am very pleased he likes to play games now. We will try to play some other games--excellent for his reasoning I am thinking.

When he retired, he wasn't interested. Now with four months of coconut oil he is interested in a lot. Every day he works in the yard also.


  1. This is great progress. The games will be so go for mobility as well as mind! It is so good to hear your positive reports of the Coconut Oil.

  2. Thanks for being such a great blogger,Ruby.

  3. Thanks. I looked for some coconut oil but did not see any. Where do you get yours?

  4. Karen,
    I get mine in the pharmacy section at Walmart, order MCT from, or get a huge tub of Virgin Coconut Oil from Check out Dr. Mary Newport's link at the top right on this page. The Lord bless you for providing for your own in taking care of your mother.