Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Becoming a Care Receiver

The place where I fell--added later.

Wednesday night, Aug. 10, I took my dog on a long walk. On the way home I fell in the street. It was dark and as best I can tell I started slipping into a drain. I fell on my rear and the top of the concrete would not give way. My feet crunched! I yelled for help in the street and people came. I called for my neighbor on my cell phone to come get my dog while an ambulance came to get me. The pain was excruciating and I rapped while on the way to the hospital to effectively block my mind from the pain. 

Thursday morning I had surgery. I asked for anesthesia that doesn't promote Alzheimer's since I know about that--don't think I have AD however.  In surgery I had a cast put on my left foot for a tib/bit fracture and other metal pinnings and a boot put on my right foot for a simple break at the button of my feet. Gradually I am hopping on the right foot to use the port-a-potty in the hospital but it is not easy.

Left foot cast; right foot only to hop on with the boot
Monday morning I was transferred to a rehab place not far from where I live. My brother drove me with my own car which was the right height for my late husband and now for me to get into and out of. Sandra from my church had taken my dog for a month on that Thursday  or maybe longer.

Ziggy had obvious help from Sandra to write:

"Hi mommy I slept well last night. I got a bath today I wanted you to see how pretty I am. I was a good boy when I got my bath and it really felt good. I ran and I ran and I ran and played ball after my bath. I made everybody laugh! I hope you're feeling better. I love you, Ziggy"

I have had to cancel substitute teaching which I will miss until I can literally get back on my feet. I rap at the end of good classes and have gotten quite a reputation as a rapper here in Huntsville--MC AC The Rap Lady on YouTube. The man who took my blood in the middle of the night in the hospital is a bus driver during the day and the high schoolers all talk about me on the bus he says. 

Now the staff here at the rehabilitation place are learning about my rapping. The first day was VERY hard for me, but I am adjusting. 

Thanks for your prayers, folks. 


  1. You are amazing Carol. :) I hope you are well & able to go home soon, it will take some doing to learn to get around while everything is healed up--but I'm pretty sure you will tackle it with a rap. :)

    1. The LORD is amazing to give me you and Jane to pray for me as I pray for both of you each day. "Wherever two or three are gathered . . ."

  2. I am so sorry to hear about all you are going through, Carol! I hope and pray that you will heal quickly! I'm confident that the Lord will use you to share Jesus with others as you rehab!

    1. Thanks for your prayers for my healing and spirits. This is the experience of receiving. I do pray that I honor our LORD these days. Maybe someone will notice and if they notice may He have the glory.

  3. So Ziggy has wormed his way into Sandra and Richard's bedroom at night. He sleeps on the floor there. This dog always wants to be where the peeps are.

  4. Update:
    Got to see Ziggy on National Dog Day. Sandra brought him to my room. He licked my face. Couldn't lick my toes which now had two boots.

    That morning I had gone to Dr Brett Franklin's office. The cast was taken off, both legs were X-rayed, and the verdict was no more cast but a walking boot for both feet. I need to favor my rt foot, but can balance on the left. AND I can have a shower!!!!! It felt so good. Lovely CNA Connita helped me have my first shower in over two weeks.