Saturday, March 7, 2015

More About Yard/Garage Sales

Three yard sales in October of 2014 helped by several friends including their husbands who could price shop equipment. One in January with my Huntsville brother and Pharis helping to pull it off. Three in February. One unsuccessful one yesterday.

Discovered that books do not sell. Discovered that clothes do not sell. Discovered that selling large items works well with a virtual yard sell, but not at all in a yard sale, especially when the Strawberry Festival is on.
Just packed up those books and brought them to Lighthouse Ministries.
Many other items that didn't sell well also went to The Goodwill. Saving receipts for 2015 taxes. 

The last items I hoped to sell just sat there in the driveway yesterday and then I moved them inside the garage. One day I may be able to park in that garage before the house sells.
Dog not for sale
Anyone need something here?

Family heirlooms were given to my husband's family.

Yesterday during the yard sale when I did not sell anything for a change, my out-of-town brother-in-law Danny, married to my husband's sister,  came by for four framed paintings by his wife and one stitched family tree created by my husband's mother. They understood that it is time these get passed on to their grandchildren or kept by them.

While Danny and I  were standing in the front yard, two students I have substituted for came by and Danny heard me rap for them. Danny also highly complimented me for being an angel taking care of my late husband who had Alzheimer's. Yes it was a tough job, tougher than downsizing and getting ready to sell and move.

Happy I could go to the Strawberry Festival on Thursday and enjoy large, juicy strawberries on a stick dipped in chocolate. The high schoolers working in that booth recognized me and I rapped for their kin working in the booth.

Dale Carnegie once said:
Don't be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one, it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones tend to take care of themselves.
So many little jobs in moving. I am excited about moving closer to my family in Huntsville, Alabama, renting an apartment and having a landlord take care of things. I am excited about living more simply and enjoying my good health (so far) in my senior years and then having less distractions so I can work on my dissertation.

However, my house has to sell first. 


  1. I took a picture of items from the garage above and was able to give them away to people in my church. Now I can park in the garage again!

  2. Realtor came by this morning and my house will be listed some time this week!

  3. Boy, do I know what you're going through--my husband is in kidney failure and on nightly dialysis and we need to be closer to family who are two hours away. I've been downsizing and the house went on the market in January but with all our bad weather we've only had two showings! It's a struggle not to get discouraged, but we are staying positive. Prayers for you as you continue with your plans.

    1. Prayers for you and your husband as well, Carolyn. How nice to have you visit this blog. Do you have a church family nearby, who can brave the weather and who can help out? I think there is a biblical principle that is implied in the New Testament in James 1:27: "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble."

      Hugs and prayers,

  4. I was going to suggest you give away the items that didn't sell, Carol, but you came up with that yourself :) Good you can park the car in the garage! I agree, it will be so much easier to rent than be a home owner; there's more freedom in it. Hardest part will be finding some place that will rent with Ziggy, but we were always fortunate to find something when we still had Koda. Praying the house sells fast!


    1. There may be more things that I give away, but little by little it happens. And you have moved recently, Betty, so you know all about it. I like labeling boxes so when I am on the other end I will be able to find what I want. I am trying to fill a box with similar items, and then eliminate the overflow. For example, if too many cookbooks, pare it down to what will fit in the box. I have already sold a few cookbooks and given the other ones to Lighthouse Ministries.

  5. Last night there were three showings and today there is one. Lots of interest according to my realtor and there may be an offer from the first couple who came.