Saturday, October 4, 2014

First Yard Sale

On Labor Day my guests decided they would help a widow [me] with yard sales--their idea. I dared not take them up on this generous offer. Three Saturdays in October seemed the perfect plan. 

My neighbor Cindy down the road loaned me tables Thursday,  and even after her errands came by and helped me set them up in our second backyard where there is some concrete.  

Cindy's tables loaded in my GMC

Friday night, after much afternoon rain, I called Sally and she commandeered her husband Jake to help me put out tools from my husband's workshop on those tables for today's yard sale. Jake always likes to feel useful. Soon my teenager neighbor Esteban came over to help.
You can't see much of the tools, but you can barely see two port-a-potties and a shower chair.  Jake, Esteban and myself then put tarps over the covered tables as it got dark Friday night. It did rain some during the night, but I was ready as I could be. 

I set my alarm for 5 am for Saturday morning. By 6:30 am when their doors opened I was at Weight Watchers. I lost another 6/10 of a pound. I did not stay for the Weight Watcher meeting, but started out for home, fearing that someone would be there in the dark to buy. Just before I got home, in the dark, I put out two yellow signs to direct people to my house. Returning home at 7 am no one was at the house and it was still dark. 

At 8 am I had my first customer. At 9 am Marilyn and her husband George were here. Marilyn even brought lunch to prepare for all of us later. Soon Marianne and Greg were here. Marilyn and Marianne were part of my summer writer's group, and Marianne was the gal I interviewed HERE about her Early Onset Alzheimer's. She is doing great and knows so much about dementia that she was even helping Jake who has a later stage of Alzheimer's after Sally dropped him off. Jake was great at keeping dog Ziggy from running off. 

The day turned out to be pleasant--no rain. Soon this skilled group moved the yard sale down the driveway and closer to the street. People have to be able to see the stuff you are selling if they are going to stop, I was advised. "Many hands make light work" and soon the tables were closer to the street. 

We interacted with all my country neighbors. One, Lee, is a caregiver and he bought those two port-a-potty chairs, the shower chair and the elevated toilet seat from Lowes' that I had written about HERE. I sold all four items for a dollar a piece to this caregiver whose wife has Parkinson's disease. It warmed my heart that I could do this and I prayed with him about his caregiving journey and told him about this blog. Just love your wife, I advised him, even when she is difficult--it's her disease that makes her that way

It was curious to me that my late husband had so many cabinets with drawers for his carpentry supplies--maybe a dozen! It was equally amusing to me that men would buy this stuff! Everything went cheaply, and even so I made $409 after Cindy and her crew came back about 5:30. She was pleased that we would be storing her tables in my garage now, ready for the sales the next two Saturdays, instead of in the second back yard as had been the plan. 

Safe and ready for next yard sale
Dog Ziggy and I are tired and ready for bed now. 


  1. Garage sales are hard work! Glad you were able to have some help with yours and seemed somewhat profitable too! I know usually garage sales that feature tools do good too; seems like everyone is always looking for them. We had several garage sales after hubby's parents died and everyone coming was always asking if we had any tools for sale (we didn't; hubby still hasn't gone through the tools to see if there is anything that he might not need, but that's another story for another day). I hope the next 2 weeks' sales go well!

    Did anyone put up signs other than the sign you did? We would put signs up on streets close to where we lived, especially if they were major streets to direct people that a sale was ahead. I read that you had advertised on CraigsList but some people just drive and look for signs.


    1. Going to have more signs the next two weeks for sure. Also, had such a little one at the house.

      Downsizing for sale of the house in 5-10 years is a chore. But starting early is good. Meanwhile I can get another bedroom perhaps from the emptied workshop and that will eventually help the sale of the house. Still working on emptying that workshop.

  2. Looks like you had a very profitable day, glad to read it. :) Smart idea to take it in 3 weekends rather than just one. :)

    1. Yes, three Saturdays and have some of the same help those three Saturdays. Meanwhile the money from the sale helps my tight budget.

      Now working on refinancing the house which will mean combining the first and second mortgage and taking advantage of lower interest rates.

  3. Good job on the weight loss and I'm so happy that you were able to find a new home for more stuff AND make money, too. Sounds like a good day!

    1. Yes, Georgene. It was a great day and when I calculated my Weight Watchers weight loss it is exactly ten pounds. In 2012 I lost 25 pounds at Weight Watchers and I had started to gain back the weight I lost and as a dementia caregiver just didn't take the time for my own diet. I would eat ice cream with my late husband because that was the last think he would really enjoy. (Sweets are the last taste to go.) Soon I will be back to where I was in 2012.

      While losing weight is a victory, downsizing is also great. Two more yard sales are coming and I am so happy to have help again.