Monday, March 11, 2013

Senior Citizen Complains About Technological Change

They already know my name, why do they need my email password?
Invalid username and/or password. Please enter your email password, not your LinkedIn account password.

So I get a notice that I didn't respond to _______'s request on LinkedIn six days ago. It looks like in the above picture there are 26 other things I missed. So LinkedIn will let me respond to her if I give them my email password. Are you kidding! Then they can spam all my email friends!  Let's see where this LinkedIn complaint goes. The most popular post on Plant City Lady and Friends with 2515 this morning is my complaint about an ad for "Brain Health and Memory Kit " here, LinkedIn--are you listening?  

It is so complicated these days. You almost need a chart for:
  • Friends who only do Facebook
  • Friends who only do Facebook games
  • Friends who do Facebook chat and messaging only
  • Friends who tweet on Twitter (I certainly do not)
  • Friends who only text
  • Friends who only do email
  • Friends who say they do not read blogs after you spend time on a post and wonder if you should just do the extra step of copying it for them and putting it in an e-mail
  • Friends who say just call but their message line is full because they don't return calls
  • Friends who have several phone numbers and you forget which one to use
  • Friends with a combination of the above
  • Friends who don't understand how difficult it is to talk on the phone with the Alzheimer's hubby present and why blogging and texting is cool for me
I can hear the music in my head.  "Who ya gonna call?" and the answer in the old film is "Ghostbusters". But now it is how do I contact someone? Can't you just come over and chat on the front porch?
I do need prayer today with specific requests and for
the really difficult journey of caregivng for an Alzheimer’s husband.
And there are specific things you can do for us. 


  1. I understand completely. Especially the one about the phoning. It's hard to squeeze out the time for lots of phone calls, so the blogging and facebook is really great. I do think we need to make ourselves spend time and not get isolated in cyperworld though. It is just so much more limited now, how many hours we would have to visit with friends. Our pastor, wrote a great article on social media, that has helped me keep my balance.
    Love you friend, and thankful for Blogs, or I'd never have met you!

  2. Love following you blog and your sense of humor is great. You and hubby are in my daily prayers.

  3. Thanks, Laurie and Carolyn!

    Laurie, your pastor's article is so apropos to this age.

    Carolyn, thanks for your prayers. One prayer request was already answered this morning.

  4. Hi Carol, I do have the same irritation with time-wasting password demands from people whose job it is to sit at a computer all day!

    That's why I don't spend time with Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn, although I get constant requests for the latter. I just click yes (or whatever) and move on through my email. Too much productive work and ministry time would be lost if I spent that much time online!

    After a nice Easter dinner with family over here, I did watch The Bible while the china plates, bowls and platters soaked. But it will be early to bed for me tonight, even if my son is moving in with wife, toddler and cocker spaniel!


  5. Dana,

    You are a delight and I love whenever you comment here and try to always read your blog. So glad you had family for Easter and that family are moving in with you.

    I entertained several years with my husband's Plant City granddaughter having an Easter egg hunt in our backyard. This year with our church worshipping at 2 pm Easter was different. However, we did start the day with our friends "Sally and Jake" at an Easter Sunrise service at their church, followed by a breakfast.