Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hubby Still Here and the LORD Is Already There

Thursday I prepared my husband for a date on Friday, even though he didn't realize it. I said, "Let's go out to dinner after you shower and shave." He did that. Behavior modification here. It seems one day is the same as the next day to him and even though 'shave" is on his list it doesn't always happen after I leave the house. We just went to Denny's Thursday night but then we checked out the Strawberry Festival and places to pick up a relative who was working for "Casting Crowns", a musical group playing Friday night at the festival.

Sure enough, when I came home Friday afternoon hubby had forgotten about going to the Strawberry Festival noted on his daily schedule, but he didn't have a bad beard and so was ready to go. Like clock work we picked up the relative and took him to an early dinner at Buddy Freddy's, a Plant City landmark near the Strawberry Festival grounds.

Niece's husband and myself in a cowboy hat
Boxes of strawberries picked from the fields in background
I am not sure that our cowboy hats impressed my relative, but we did have time to give him a tour of Plant City, including our home, strawberry fields, and the down town area.

Then the three of us went to the Strawberry Festival. Our relative went to set up for the concert and I went to the exhibits after my husband settled in at a warm booth with his strawberry short cake.
Amazing puzzle in exhitit

Before Alzheimer's, hubby had been able to walk around with me at the Strawberry Festival . This year he sat and had strawberry short cake while I had a little bit of time to check out exhibits. I am so over buying anything anymore and "The House That Cleans Itself" is not finished yet. Why would I want to put anything more in our home!

I  did enjoy seeing  Lakeland's Fabric Warehouse exhibit. I should explain that I am making quilts and my introduction to Fabric Warehouse several years ago at their Strawberry Festival exhibit had bumped up my ability to make quilts with a new sewing machine and with their ideas. I also liked seeing FFA (Future Farmers of America) school exhibits and since I substitute often in Agriculture I can talk about their exhibits. The school I wrote about recently won first place for their exhibit.

When I had a chance last week while substitute teaching, I re-read a helpful book, knowing that I would test out its ideas at the concert last night--that is if I could actually get my husband to the concert. It appeared touch and go. I kept checking back with him while he sat with his coffee and strawberry short cake. It was a little chilly and he thought maybe we should go home instead. I encouraged him that we came to see the 7:30 pm concert.

About 7 pm we headed for our seats. The Queen of the Strawberry Festival with her court came on stage to greet the audience and told the audience to enjoy the "worship" experience. Yes, "Casting Crowns" is a Christian group and yes, my husband, I could tell, was able to worship. Me too, after a long week or working. I wanted to know about live music and my husband's abilities to enjoy a concert, even if later he wouldn't remember it. Sure enough we had great seats near the front and were able to enjoy the concert. My husband was throughly engaged in the concert, swaying to the music and even standing to enjoy the event at times. He was warm enough (we both had hats on and a blanket for our laps). Dr. Zeisel in I'm Still Here emphasizes that the dramatic arts including older movies are so good for Alzheimer's patients.

My husband is still here!  

Also so moving to me was the messages in the songs and one song especially that

the LORD is already there

He knows the end of this Alzheimer's journey. Thank you, Casting Crowns, for a wonderful concert.


  1. Casting Crowns is one of my favorite groups. I love the words to so many of their songs.

    It sounds like you had a lovely time! I would have loved to visit the exhibits with you! :-)

  2. Importing a Casting Crowns DVD into my iTunes library. We will enjoy listening to this in the car.