Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I'm Learning About Senior Health, Part Two

I wrote about senior health in Part One below. Here are some more tips I am getting. If it is in red, click on it.

Coffee is okay for us--no more than three cups according to Dr. Oz.

Here is a link for Vitamin D  which is being studied. We take it.

Another link for Cocoa and chocolate.   which may be good for dementia patients and all of us!  Studies show a large amount may help. Maybe we can do our own research. Hubby does get chocolate with his coconut oil! Some Walmarts have dark chocolate and sugar free chocolate chips that work fine. That coconut fudge recipe comes from Dr. Mary Newport's book.

Now they say that Duacetyl (DA) in Popcorn, that gives it a buttery tast, is linked to making Alzheimer's worse. Plain popcorn is best. Wish I hadn't gotten rid of my air popper! I just threw out microwave popcorn with suspicious ingredients.

As I have written before, I wonder about all the additives that primitive cultures don't have. Some friends are into the Paleo and Gap eating, and there is a lot of wisdom to be found in studying what is best for us even if the studies have not come out that prove anything conclusively.

Exercise is so important for us, but we shouldn't jog. I now walk three times a week with my neighbor. My husband complains when he has to walk very far, but I do have to take care of me, his caregiver.

Red wine has benefits, but not too much alcohol as it can cause
Alcohol-related dementia according to this British study and other studies. Actually my husband forgets about his beer in the refrigerator and is happy with green tea, so good for us.

In addition to green tea, dark chocolate, tumeric and coconut oil which I regularly write about here, I have some other superfoods that I regularly use:
  • cooked spinach
  • tomatoes
  • blueberries added to yogurt
  • cinnamon added to sweet potatoes.

What are your superfoods?

How do you use them?

Note that this is the third year that I have been in an Alzheimer's Association walk. You can contribute if you click on the link at the top right. Thanks for doing this. My team is my Alzheimer's Association facilitator who has taught me so much.


  1. This post is really enlightening. Who knew that popcorn was bad for you? It seems that most things are either bad for you or not good for you... whichever say you say it. Just makes you want to stop eating!

  2. Hi Carol,
    Such an informative post... thank you! Popcorn always make my stomach feel like it has rocks in it.... that tells me something.... lol!
    Hugs and prayers,

  3. We love our air popper! I got rid of our microwave years ago - both for health reasons and because it took up so much space, so we stopped having microwave popcorn then. We eat a lot of kale in our house. I think it's similar to spinach as far as nutrition goes. It's easy to grow in my garden, so we're going to keep on eating it as long as our growing season lasts.

  4. Cholesterol is good for you, especially since nerves and brains are made from cholesterol. Eating high cholesterol foods (but not hydrogenated stuff) helps prevent or stop alzheimers and dimentia, as does things with high omega 3s...