Monday, August 13, 2012

The Humor of Social Media

A Pin from Pinterest
I was reflecting on my rap on social media yesterday, and the last line I added was on Pinterest. You see I became infatuated with Pinterest recently, with nothing else to do! Right! Plenty of organization and getting rid of stuff around here, books to read for my seminary class, and then Pinterest beckons me. But I was hooked on Pinterest! When . . .

The Internet went down along with the land line. I used my cell phone to call Bright House (Road Runner). Last time something like this happened it was the pump water and the land line. Spiders caused the water problem and maybe the phone problem. This time no Internet and land line for 24 hour until Road Runner could get out here and provide a new modem! No Pinterest! I laughed at myself and got a lot of de-cluttering done. Not finished, but made a huge dent.

In 2009 Getting Off the Niceness Treadmill was published and in the 9th chapter I wrote a poem that has since become a rap, actually my first rap that I do at the end of good classes when I substitute teach in secondary education.  As new media have appeared I have added lines. So here is the current version of "Longing to Chat On the Front Porch With You":

It started with e-mail
The demise of snail mail
Our personal lives are right out there
Anything we’re likely to share
I guess we learned this from reality TV
We rant and rave
And post pictures you can see
On Twitter you can tweet
On Facebook you retreat
On iPod there’s a beat
Real people you don’t meet.
With blogs I can rail
Dialogue will soon fail
Too slow but we can text
What will be the latest next?
Want no face-to-face strife?
Send pictures of your life.
With Skype I can gripe
With Flicker I can snicker.
On Blue Tooth I tell the truth.
On Link-In you can ring in
On Google Plus there’s no fuss
But on Pinterest there’s no rest
The pace we live is sad
No front porch makes me mad.

Pinterest they say is mainly women, but a Manterest and a Gentlemint site have emerged for men along with a lot of other lines I might add to this rap of mine. And, by the way, I am on a huge group board about Alzheimer's on Pinterest.

Thanks to Barb from Cleaning Up the Clutter for getting me into Pinterest! Now I have graphics for blogging! And you all have my third of eight raps on this blog! And me? I need to go de-clutter and stay off of Pinterest for the rest of the day.

Have a good week!


  1. Cute rap! I still love Pinterest, but I've found the novelty has worn off. It's a great bookmarking tool, though!

  2. I am also hooked on Pinterest! No more dinner slumps and no more printing off recipes---yay!

    I'm also a front porch lover! They do provide such a sense of community. My house has a front porch and a back porch.

  3. I'm not good with using my Google account (which is why I haven't commented earlier--I am reading!), so forgot to sign my name.


  4. That donut chart looks like my to-do list!

  5. Good to see both Tim and Aimee here! Barb is a regular as I am on her blog.

    Tim, get a blog!

    Aimee, I love your Housewife Theologian blog. Relieved you are hooked on Pinterest also.

    Barb, your Cleaning Up the Clutter is so good for me.

    Back to de-cluttering folks, but staying off of Pinterest today.


  6. I use facebook to keep in touch with friends that are far away. However, I have made it a goal to comment less on facebook and spend time with friends in person.

  7. Micky,
    You are wise. I talked long-distance to someone across the country last night because Facebook just doesn't always work for a friendship. By the way, I just pinned your wonderful dip recipe.

  8. I waste way too much time on this computer! :-) Good reminder and post. Oh, and I love Pinterest, too! :-)