Saturday, March 24, 2012

Activities for Alzheimer's Patients

Kay Paggi at this article writes:

“I believe activities are crucial to well-being. In the past ten years, research has shown that activities play a large part in preventing the progression of dementia. We also know that socializing prevents loneliness, despair and suicidal thoughts.”
My husband can enjoy a lot of sedimentary activities. He does need a pillow to sit on however. We even have one in the car. He is happy as long as his butt doesn't hurt, but he complains a lot if his butt hurts. Walking up steps strains him and he walks slowly. About a month ago he sat in a department store while I shopped. We should have taken that car pillow in because he was verrrry angry at how long it took me to buy something that was on sale. I did think a lot about the purchase, because our funds are limited.

So here is a rundown of last week's activities, while four and a half days I worked.

Sundays are full of church activities. We have a worship service and then most of us eat the noon meal we bring at our small church. Once a month it is a shared meal where we all contribute, but the rest of the time we bring out own meals. Sunday afternoon we have a counseling class that I have to attend since I am working on a seminary counseling degree. DH sits in a comfortable chair during that class.

Monday we went to a church seniors group where we ate the lunch we brought and watched the movie, "Courageous". We have this event once a month and I don't substitute teach that day so we can attend that event. Sally and Jake also went, but Jake had trouble with the movie. He said to Sally later, "Why would they show a movie at our church where a daughter died?" They did not see the whole movie.

Tuesday morning my husband had a doctor's appointment. I will brought up our need to have a neurologist, as Dr. Raj is no longer in our insurance group. The doctor said a neurologist is not needed at this time. Also, my husband's numbers were very good, dispelling thoughts that coconut oil is not good for a heart patient. No need for a cardiologist for a stress test he also said.

Tuesday afternoon  through Friday I substituted in public schools. When I retired from teaching, I did not realize my husband would have two kinds of dementia.

Wednesday night we went to Toastmasters where he is often asked to give the invocation at the beginning of the evening. He kept alert the whole meeting and loves to accompany me wherever I think I need to go for my safety. He knows and likes the people in the group.

Friday night we ate out with Jake and Sally at Applebees. They have 2 for $20 meals and Sally and I shared the spinach dip and chips and my hubby and Jake shared the cheese appetizers before our entrées. Jake and DH had the small ice cream cups for dessert. Then we were invited over to their home for decaf and to see the progress they had made organizing their home.  I called Sally and complimented her today on all they had done. She usually works only one day a week, and Jake is more dependent upon her. Jake is more ambitious than my husband, however, and they can work on home projects together.

Saturday I taught the first half of a class for DUI offenders in Florida. I have been teaching these classes part-time for maybe eight years. Now hubby got dressed up a little so we could go to a movie and dinner. We end up seeing "1000 Words" when "Hunger Games" was sold outl He didn't like the "1000 Words" movie.

Unlike Jake, hubby is self-sufficient while I am gone, because of his check list. He is getting better at putting in his false teeth in the morning so that I can leave knowing he has had breakfast and had food with his pills. As I get into our car, he picks up the dog and the three of us critters say goodbye. The routine is expected by our dog and I often kiss both hubby and dog before I leave. When they hear the garage door open in the afternoon they both greet me at the door.

One of the problems of finding activities for my husband is that I have a lot to do myself. I have had to do gardening this week--someone has to do it. My husband doesn't seem to be motivated to do things. Sometimes my husband will do things with me, and yet many times he is content to just let me do things. Sally and I have discussed how we married men who used to do a lot more, and now it is on our shoulders. I need to learn to use the riding mower, but so far my husband (or thoughtful neighbors) mows our 3/4 of an acre.

Increasingly my husband likes less noise and a simple pace of life. Sure I would like  him to go to senior center or do crossword puzzles. Sally and I think that if both of our husbands go to a senior center together it would work, but we haven't tested this hypothesis yet. Hubby is happy and has many options for watching TV--videos, DVDs and cable TV. He also socializes very easily with people.

We always take turns praying at night before we go to sleep. Hubby prays when the date is odd, and I pray when it is even. As I have noted before, I always love his prayers and the fact the LORD is watching our Alzheimer's journey.

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