Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amazing Grace Author and His Memory

John Newton, author of favorite hymn "Amazing Grace":

My memory is nearly gone; but I remember two things:
That I am a great sinner,
and that Christ is a great Savior.
I love the sweet prayers of my Christian Alzheimer's husband. The soul and emotions of an Alzheimer's patient are intact and they will have super quality time in heaven. From that great hymn by the hymn writer who lost his memory:

I once was lost, but now am found,
was blind, but now I see. . . .
When we've been there
Ten thousand years,
bright shining as the sun,
We've no less days
To sing God's praise
Then when we'd first begun.

Hank Hanegraaff on this video UTube Q & A on Alzheimer's Patient reinforces the soul of the Alzheimer's patient. It continues. One day it will be reunited with a whole, healed body at the resurrection of the saints.

Meanwhile God does not hold accountable the anger and confusion of our loved ones with Alzheimer's. Jesus died for those sins and confusion. But we have the privilege of having the divine CAREGIVER, our Father in Heaven,  to help us earthly caregivers.


  1. I love the words and music to this amazing song. I'm so happy for you, that your husband still participates in so many areas of your life.

    For me, with so much of David gone.....I look forward to the day when his brain will be whole again. Praise God!

    Thank you for this post..

  2. Indeed, how sweet the sound!

  3. Alleluia! Thanks for this post.