Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saga Thirteen

Two Signs from Cracker Barrell
Cherish Each Day
Family Is Everything

My husband's family couldn't come for Easter at our home as they had some other years, and so we headed to my family in Huntsville, Alabama. For this trip which was over 700 miles DH drove about 2/3 of the way there.

When we returned home, we did it in stages. Monday after Easter we traveled to the Birmingham area where we were guests at an author's home that I have been corresponding with. With DH there we talked openly about Alzheimer's. DH was most charming in the conversation.

Tuesday we left for Plant City. Hubby drove from Birmingham to Montgomery, a difficult trip because of wind, construction and traffic. I thought he managed the driving well. When we got to Montgomery, he said he didn't want to drive anymore and I finished driving that day as we returned home. That next day the tornado would devastate Alabama. Everyone I know in Alabama is safe, although my brother and family do not have electricity. CHERISH EACH DAY especially when your husband has Alzheimer's. You never know what a day will bring.

Also that next day (last Wednesday after our Easter trip) my husband had surgery on his scalp for basal cell carcinoma--about 12 stitches. Pray that it heals and that the dermatologist got all of the cancer. After this surgery he asked why his head hurt and I had to remind him that he had surgery. When all is said and done a going-bald husband will not be able to hide this scar.

Jake and Sally came over Friday night for pizza and a game of Mexican Dominoes. We just played up to number six and Jake won, much to his surprise.

Recently Sally had the Byrd Alzheimer's Institute have a meeting with Jake's adult children. My pastor has also been in touch with DH's adult son. Meanwhile Sally and I get so much support from one another. Jake had quite an episode on Friday and she was able to unload to me when they came over Friday night.

My friend B.W. who doesn't officially follow this blog but read the last post, remarked in an e-mail  to me that she would like the kind of marriage that DH and I have. I e-mailed back to her:
It’s a commitment—for better, for worse, in sickness and in health. At first when I realized the Alzheimer’s I sort of withdrew from [DH] emotionally, realizing I would be a widow AGAIN. But he would be lonely if I did that and he daily tells me he loves me. Many caregivers don’t give the support to their family members that they need and then the patient becomes angry. I keep learning a lot about this.
I am about to go watch the Larry King special on CNN shortly. Hubby has gone to bed. He usually monopolizes the TV, but I get to watch this Alzheimer's special myself. Just in case I fall asleep, though, I am taping it. See Larry King Special .


  1. You have a good attitude. Your husband is very blessed.

  2. I know you must cherish and enjoy your husband driving. I really, really miss David driving. I'm slowly getting accustomed to being the person in charge of everything.

    Yes, CHERISH EACH true!!!

    It's so good to hear that your relatives are safe.....the weather and tornadoes are so horrible. My prayers go out to all the people involved.

    Friends are such a wonderful gift from God. It's so wonderful that you and your friends connected and you can give much needed support to one another.

    Praying your husband's head heals and no more cancer.....


  3. Thank God they now have electricity.