Thursday, December 9, 2010

Husband Is Not the Person I Knew

My name is Dolores, my husband, David has Alzheimer's; he was diagnosed in 2005.   David retired from his job, as a C.P.A.  in 2003.... we were seeing slight signs of Alzheimer's in 2003.....

Most days I do really well as a care taker, but each day/hour  with Alzheimer's is a new experience, and some days are harder than others.  I'm in this for the long haul, so I try to stay as upbeat and positive as's not always easy or possible.

I read articles from the Reading Room each day, and this article hit home for me.  

Alzheimer's Disease, This is Not the Person I Knew

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Alzheimer's disease is difficult to comprehend.

Alzheimer's caregivers find it difficult to accept and understand that the new, different, and often bizarre behaviors they experience from a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease are a product of the disease.

The person suffering from Alzheimer's did not choose to go into this new and bizarre world. They are not acting irrational by design or with intent.The Alzheimer’s sufferer is not engaging in these behaviors intentionally. They are engaging in these behaviors because their brain is sick. The result of this sickness is an inability to cope effectively with the world around them.
Once you come to the understanding that these new, hard to accept and deal with behaviors are being caused by Alzheimer's disease you'll lower your own level of stress and anxiety.

This simple understanding leads to more effective Alzheimer's care giving.

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  1. Dolores,
    Great having you post on this blog. Yes, they even aren't the person we knew. For example, DH lost his cell phone on Tuesday and so yesterday, Wednesday, we went to Sprint to put his cell number on an old phone we had (maybe five years ago). I told him to please be patient--we would find it, but he insisted he needed a working cell. Sure enough, today, Thursday he finds the black cell phone in the holder on his jeans. He had no memory of losing the other one and I explained to him that it wasn't activated now, but the silver one is activated. Then he requested that I put the directions on the back of the silver one.