Saturday, June 5, 2010

Communication 101

"You didn't tell me," he said.

"Yes I did," I softly said and let him go on and on angry.

"You don't make sense."

Communication became hard yesterday. It made me realize again to write things down for my husband. When I talk about things in the future, he says to not bother him with it until that day.

I had to leave the house early yesterday. I left breakfast out for him and of course his morning pills. I called to remind him midday. He hadn't eaten. So I told him midday to eat both halves of his sandwich. I reminded him we were going to pick up my car at Firestone garage and pay/charge that $1100 bill when I came home. By the time I came home in his car I had used all day, all he had eaten was one half of the sandwich and also no breakfast and no morning pills. He wasn't ready to go with me to get my car. He was angry. "You did't tell me." I had told him, but he forgot.

Lord help us in this season.


  1. {{hugs}} some days must be very difficult. xoxo

  2. So sorry you are dealing with this..... My mom is slipping quickly. Can't remember what she ate for lunch but can talk about events from 60 years ago with clarity. She asked my daughter what her name was the other day.

  3. Thanks so much Ruby and Terri for stopping by. Terri, who is taking care of your mom?

    It is 3 pm and I am home again. My husband did not eat breakfast or lunch or take his morning pills. More training on that white board is needed. When I called him earlier today he said he had taken pills and had his breakfast (probably not lying, just thinking he had from another day's memory), and he was irritated that I had called him and asked about the white board list for today.

    He did take a shower, shave, and is ready to leave unlike yesterday. However I just had him take his morning pills at 3 pm and eat his lunch.

    An acquaintance bought my book this morning and told me she may have input on help for his expensive medicine that we are charging because we can't afford it even with our AARP drug plan--$2100 in the last month or so!