Monday, March 29, 2010

First Book Report--The Coconut Oil Miracle

Coconut oil has all kinds of benefits including helping fight dementia. With the right eating it can help weight loss as it promotes overall health.

Bruce Fife, author of The Coconut Oil Miracle, writes:
As I learned more about diet, health, and coconut oil, I realized I was eating the wrong kinds of oil. Instead of going on another diet, I replaced the processed vegetable oils I was eating with coconut oil. I used butter instead of margarine, I ate fewer sweets and more fiber. I didn't reduce the amount of food I was eating, and I probably ate more calories than I had before because I began eating more fat in the form of coconut oil.
A strange thing happened. I didn't expect it to happen, and I didn't even notice it until months later. My pants were becoming looser. . . .I was shocked because I wasn't dieting. I wasn't trying to lose weight, I was just trying to eat healthier.
I ran out of hair conditioner and tried coconut oil. However, it is like an oil treatment and then I washed it out with shampoo. Hubby doesn't have too much hair, so we don't worry about hair conditioner or oil treatments for him.


  1. I have been taking coconut oil pills here lately . I got them for my mom but I am sharing with her. Wish we had started using them earlier but I believe it is to late for her.

  2. Dr. Mary Newport's husband Steve is about the same as two years ago according to the MRI! See her blog. All of this from two years with coconut oil!

    Karen, wish we knew that earlier for your mom also, but I appreciate so much your care of her.