Monday, December 21, 2009

Fading Memories

  • Names of family my husband will see this Christmas are hard for him to recall.
  • A young lady in our church delivered her first born several weeks ago. That infant was being held nearby. My husband asked when the baby was due.
  • He keeps accusing me of moving the laundry basket from the laundry room back to the bedroom before I have laundered the clothes. The real truth is that laundry basket fills up again.
  • The first Christmas party we hosted when it came time for him to pray he mentioned "Thanksgiving". I wondered what the guests thought.
  • He does try to compensate. For our neighborhood Christmas party I made him an index card with names of neighbors. He likes those index cards that keep him informed.
  • Can he find the car when he goes on an errand by himself? When I asked him this, he said that he forgets to think about it when he parks the car and sometimes has to look around. Fortunately his SUV sticks out. About six months before he retired he had trouble finding his car after work and I was summoned by cell phone to help him.


  1. My mum doesn't have alzheimer's but brain damage and loss of memory. She has not been able to recall names or many things, for years. She gets very frustrated but we comfort her that she is making new friends every day!

  2. What a great thing to say to your mum!Does your mum have other symptoms that my hubby has? He is 72 and I know your mum is older. Does she have heart problems or diabetes?

  3. It must be very very hard to watch him struggle in such a way. Take care and enjoy your time together.