Monday, June 8, 2009

Clothes and Errands

So I notice that Sweetheart wears brown pants and a maroon sports jacket to church several
Sundays in a row. I mention that we need to prepare Saturday night for what we wear on Sunday. Good idea for me also.

We have two errands this morning--take his car to Firestone and then go in my car to his doctor for routine blood work in preparation for his doctor's appointment next week. So Sweetheart dresses up in his brown slacks and a grey jacket. Now this is warm Flordia. He has asked several times where we are going. I am dressed very casually.

Without me he would he would have difficulty getting from Firestone to his doctor--maybe four miles in downtown Plant City. I hope to get him a global navigational system for his car--saw one at Sam's the other day. My friend 's husband has similar issues and uses this system in his car so he can find his way around. I remind myself to save for this for his birthday in December. Then he will need training in using this system. I have notes for him on the remote control usage.

We go to breakfast at one of our favorite places, Buddy Freddy's. We talk about getting ready for church on Saturday night instead of Sunday morning at the last minute. He asks again what I am doing today.

"Remember, Sweetheart, I am going to my writer's group at 10 AM. " He asks me several times what is happening today. We get home and he notices that the front lawn needs to be mowed. Good for him!

We might have a date later today to a movie, which we will enjoy, but he won't remember the plot. He is watching a taped movie now, loves it, but won't remember later what it is about.

My sweetheart is happy. That is cool. But I seriously wonder how long he can work and I work only part-time to manage everything. The Lord has promised to supply our needs.

Dear Lord, the future is in Your hands. Give us your peace. Amen.

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