Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am self-conscious in my own home now. I realize that when I don't follow these procedures, Sweetheart gets confused or frustrated. Then I get tense. As I wrote earlier on this blog, I am in training as a caregiver.

From experience with my Sweetheart's demenia I have learned to write things down. Pictured is the visor on his car. It is a small white board. I can write on this. He also is very dependent on the calendar and crosses out the days.

A nurse who works with Alzheimer's patients also told me:

  • Give him one idea at a time.

  • Use short sentences.

  • Continue routines.

  • Learn habits now such as GPS for the car. Maybe I should buy this birthday gift for him early so he can practice using it to get home.

The nurse said that patients light up when the loved one who sees them often comes to visit.

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  1. These are all great tools! You say you are just learning to be a carer but I'm sure by the sound of you that you are a carer by nature and have been doing it for years in one way or another.
    God bless you both