Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lost and Found

Lost. A little history. Sweetheart needed to mow the front yard and wasn't getting to it.

"Should I take up the riding mower?" I asked him.

"No," he kept insisting. He would get to mowing that lawn.

I get a message on my cell phone from Sweetheart that something is missing--I couldn't tell quite what he said. I call him at home and ask if the lawn mover is missing. We hadn't put the lock back on the shed since it was painted along with the house, and it could have been that someone got that expensive riding lawn mower out of the shed. He walks back to the shed. The lawn mower is still there. He can't remember what was missing.

About the time he is ready for bed (about five hours after the call on my cell), his wallet turns up missing--what the message on my cell was all about. We look for his cell and can't find it. I go to our online banking and find out he used the debit card that day to buy gas and so I start out for that gas station to see if he left his wallet there. On the way there, he calls me on my cell. He has found the wallet. For about five hours he has forgotten he lost his wallet! At least it turns up! At least he remembers to call me when he finds it and I don't get all the way to the gas station!

Found. Sunday we went to Golden Coral Restaurant after church. We were seated in a room not in view of the buffet. He went to get food and then couldn't find me! He was looking for me in the area where we usually sit. I had to go find him!

With all the reminders about mowing the front lawn, with the loss of the wallet for hours and his not remembering what he lost, and with new places in a restaurant we go to periodically, I realize that it is my sweetheart's good habits that keep him functioning and still going to work.

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