Saturday, May 16, 2009


When my sweetheart drives, he often gets angry at other drivers. Demenia has made him especially impatient and I have had to adjust to his impatience. Sometimes he is impatient when he can't get the TV channel he wants or when I don't finish a sentence quickly or make sense to him. I have to think carefully when I talk with him. Sometimes he is insulted that I remind him of something. We are adjusting.

At some point he will need to stop driving. Here is a check list from the link below and I can answer yes to two on the list.
  1. Needing more help with directions. Yes he does. I can remember near panic a year ago before he was officially diagnoised with dementia. Thanks to the cell phone I could help him.
  2. Forgetting destinations or where the car was parked. Not long ago I had to meet him at work so we could find his car in the huge garage.
  3. Having trouble making turns or being confused by traffic signals. Not so far.
  4. Receiving citations for moving violations. I still feel save when he drives us both.
  5. Putting dents in the car that can't be explained. Not so far.
He remembers to get gas, but that is about all. I have taken over normal maintenance of his car--the oil checks need to be every week because the car is old and that oil does go down. We have done a lot of preventative maintenance for his car including a new battery recentlly.


  1. thank you for this blog. I feel like I am reading about my life. My husband was diagnosed 4 yrs. ago with Early Onset Alzheimers. They call tisdisease the "Long Goodbye". How hard it is to watch as almost daily a small thing indicates that the disease is progressing. I watch as he seems to disappears a little at a time. He is still quite high functioning and still driving and I am dreading the time when he will have to stop. I am hoping for a cure and I know that all things are possible to those who pray, So we do. I will add you and your husband to my prayer list. Marjee

  2. Welcome. I will pray you and your husband also. Let me know if you want to be a contributor on this site, Martha.