Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Getting Settled in the New Apartment

Printer's Drawer for Small Items

I carefully put these small items in envelopes by rows. This had been in the large den in Plant City.  

Now it will go in a corner of the new second bedroom I call my den.

Meanwhile I can post easier from this iPhone 6 than from my computer with my new Internet/cable provider Comcast / Xfinity and it is harder to get pictures on this post. 

What is it like as a 70 year old widow to move? 

* Exhausting! Exhilarating! 

*  In contrast to my church Deacons and members who loaded the van in Plant City, my retired rocket scientist brother hired three young men to unload the van. My new Huntsville friend, L. J., directed these young men where to put the numbered furniture. 

*  My wonderful brother and sister-in-law have helped me unpack. My brother carried many boxes out to the apartment dumpster. This prompted a sign at the back foyer that out of courtesy to others those boxes should be flattened and I wrote OK on that sign. I am slowly unpacking those boxes. 

*  I will remain a member of my FL church for quite some time as my pastor there will be overseeing my seminary counseling dissertation on dementia caregiving from a biblical perspective.   I will listen to his sermons on podcasts. But Sunday at the church I visited I did arrange to have lunch with two other widows later in the month. Also I took note of prayer requests and called J. E. who has Hospice at her home for her husband. Next Sunday I will worship at a different church.

*  Downsizing is such a great idea for a widow. Now my closest family will not have to go to Plant City to put me in a nursing home and sell my house. And I was able to let my late husband live there all his days which was his wish thanks to Hospice.

*  On Saturday at Weight Watchers here in Huntsville I weighed 40 lbs. less than I did at the beginning of 2012. That year I had lost 25 pounds. Then I basically took a caregiving break and gained 10 of those pounds back. However, since my husband's death last June 23, 2014, I have slowly lost 25 pounds. So the total is now 40 lbs. It is great to be able to fit in clothes I couldn't wear for a while. However I still have to unpack my clothes.

*  How is my dog Ziggy doing? He is adjusting fairly well. He is meeting new dogs and noticing rabbits on his walks. Last night in the cool of the evening Ziggy on a leash, my sister-in-law and I took a lovely walk in the neighborhood outside of the apartment complex. 

*  Saturday my sister-in-law,  her three grandkids and I went to the complex pool after I served them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. I discovered that one of them likes only jelly sandwiches, one likes only peanut butter sandwiches, and the third one likes actual peanut butter AND jelly sandwiches. 

So long from Rocket City! 

P. S. This was edited later in the day on my computer when the Internet worked better.


  1. Can't wait to hear more! Glad you're getting settled in nicely

    1. In the week I have been here, there has only been one night that I haven't had a meal at my brother's home, thanks for his wife who is a healthy cook.

      I do miss my contacts back home. I have been listening to Pastor on a podcast, in fact, this morning. I like his distinction of tolerance, intolerance or encouraging one another in the faith.


  2. Glad to see you are settling in Carol!! It will soon feel like home I am sure!


    1. It is strange to see your property in a new context. Ziggy found his place on the couch and his place on my husband's old computer chair. Of course he has always slept in bed with his people, now just me.

      Hugs and prayer,

  3. Computer Internet hasn't been working. Comcast will be out on June 26. Had wanted to blog tomorrow, the first anniversary of my late husband's death.

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    1. Hey, Peanut Butter. Are you a student I substituted for? I have no idea who you are. I guess this because you had posted my Bullies rap. I post raps for students, but do not usually communicate with students because it was against district policy. I am SO surprised that you found this blog by an old lady who lost her husband a year ago. Are you booing my move, my post or what?

      Mrs. Johnson