Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Looking for Those Cures

Erase Alzheimer's in three short weeks! Then it wants you to stay on the page! It's a money scam you can bet. I didn't stay on that page because I smelled a rat.

Elaine Pereira is much more realistic. Alzheimer's can be in the brain ten years before it starts to appear she writes HERE.  
Alzheimer’s is a real, fatal, progressive disease with no treatments. It is not just a quirky personality change. 
Because of how the disease affects the individual’s brain, their personality is affected usually causing adverse changes. Hostility, paranoia, suspicion are frequent first indications in otherwise kind individuals.

Elaine has a book about her mother's illness as pictured and it can be ordered at Amazon. We caregivers are all writing and blogging about this disease.

I used to write here about coconut oil which I gave my husband consistently. Coconut oil did not cure my husband. I tried! However the Johnny Byrd Alzheimer's Center was doing a study. They sort of dismissed us when I told them we were using it. It certainly didn't hurt my husband and it does have medical benefits. I think that coconut oil calmed him down. Dr. Mary Newport who wrote the best seller even acknowledges that it isn't curing her husband Steve. She now works for hospice.

Marijuana will not be the cure I bet. Marijuana is being studied by the Johnny Byrd Alzheimer's center.

Those medicines we give our loved ones (Nameda, Exelon, Aricept) may prolong the illness, but not stop it. My husband took Nameda and Exelon almost until the end. When Hospice came to our home, we stopped them because they helped me see he was in his last stage where it wouldn't help. See this study.

In my husband's case, his Mixed Dementia caught up with us. Stable for so long the Vascular Dementia 
took over and he quickly went downhill. Had he just had Alzheimer's he might have lived longer. 


  1. I think there is something to holistic approaches to medicine with herbs, etc. I type medical reports and recently did a report where someone's medical condition was significantly altered using herbs and supplements. It wasn't Alzheimer's or any other type of dementia; can't say more because of patient confidentiality, but it made me a "believer" of supplements and herbs that can help alter courses of diseases, etc. You are right, Alzheimer's or other dementia doesn't happen usually overnight; it is a slow process sometimes and maybe eating healthier or taking supplements can slow it down a bit. We also have to remember too that each and every one of our days are ordained by God and no matter what we do to try to prolong them or shorten them won't "work" according to God's time table for us.


    1. I do think that coconut oil is one of those helpful holistic approaches for many diseases, but not for dementia in the end where there doesn't seem to be a cure.

      You are so right, Betty, about God's time table.


  2. News comes out about exercise as help. My uncle walked regularly and still got Alzheimer's in his late 80's.