Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Recognition Near the End of My Husband's Life

End of life impressions of the care receiver are interesting. I did remind my husband that I was his loving wife Carol and we remained close to the end. I was told that with Vascular Dementia my husband would always recognize me.

I had been telling my husband that his adult son (my step-son) was going to come to visit, but he didn't recognize him when he came unfortunately.

However, my husband warmly greeted Kenny's nephew from his bed at the end of life,  with a big smile and hand shake. I really think he thought it was his son at an earlier time period. His eyesight wasn't so accurate in any case.

Esteban came by to see me the other day to check on me. I took his picture holding one of my husband at an earlier time. Maybe my husband's son looked something like he looked in the picture.

Esteban holding early picture of my husband.
Perhaps his son looked like this. 
This graphic is helpful for visiting someone who is living in long-term memory.


  1. There is a resemblance there for sure, Carol. I bet that had to be hard for your husband's son to see that his father didn't know who he was. I am glad, though, that your husband did not forget who you were though!


    1. Kenny was here when the son came (I was teaching that day) and Kenny was here where Esteban was warmly greeted by my husband from his bed at the end of his life. Kenny verifies my theory that my husband was living in an earlier time in his mind and many Alzheimer's care receivers do.

  2. The resemblance is remarkable, Carol. I can see that hubby might have thought Esteban was his son from earlier days. I am glad you have decided to continue this blog. I think it will be very helpful to others who are walking or have walked the same path.

    1. Hope it is helpful, Sandy. I am trying to write about once a week if I get a chance. Thanks for faithfully following it.