Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Celebrating Being Old

The six weeks of Hospice care for my husband before his death on June 23rd saw my husband aging each day--looking older than his 76 years. 

A birthday was coming up for me also, and my husband died two days before I turned seventy. I just seem to never celebrate those decades appropriately and this year my husband had died and couldn't celebrate with me. 

When I was a widow the first time and turned 50, the gentleman I was dating didn't get it right. Then I thought that when I turned 60 I should celebrate at a Plant City tea room because my husband was so busy working. This was before dementia and I didn't know our friends Sally and Jake. The tea room event never was pulled off even though I hinted to friends.  

However, Sally got this decade birthday right as she planned a 70th b.d. luncheon at her home. It was so lovely. What a thoughtful friend Sally is! The guests that came brought two cards, as it turned out--a birthday card and a sympathy card. 

I am at the head of the table. 

That day Jake was at the Senior Center, and although he had been going there with my husband, he became accustomed to going there by himself as we all saw hubby going downhill. Six weeks later  Jake asked, "So did your husband actually die?" They were such good buddies. Life goes on even if memories fade. Part of my grief is that Jake doesn't have his buddy. 

I started a Pinterest board on aging.* Here are some pins you might enjoy.

We should take the best of every age.  Hey, folks, I rap. I plan to write more raps and get YouTube figured out.  I am working on an Ed.D. in counseling. 

Have a reason to laugh.

Laugh at our memory.

Laugh at our eyesight.

Laugh at our teeth. 

But above all, be spontaneous, creative and have fun.

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  1. That did sound like a nice birthday luncheon, Carol, sorry it was so close though to your husband's passing. A lot of cute sayings about aging. I agree, we should take the best of any age. It seems to go by so quickly too, doesn't it?


    1. It was a very thoughtful luncheon/tea. I felt so honored.

      Then in the evening I went to dinner with another friend. She sympathized with all I was going through and I wouldn't have wanted to be alone that evening.

  2. I laughed at so many of the aging posters! My favorite is the one about changing the password to incorrect. :-) Very smart

    I was reading an Amy Carmichael devotional today and she wrote Psalm 25:10, "All the paths of the Lord are lovingkindness." She emphasized ALL... not a few.. but ALL the paths! I thought of that Scripture as I thought about Herb's death being so close to your birthday. It helped me to trust His timing.

    1. ALL the paths! Great, Georgene.

      Thanks for your prayers over these past months.