Saturday, April 19, 2014

Find the Humor

Lots of stress this past week including health concerns for Kenny's mother who is scheduled for surgery tomorrow--stay tuned. With Kenny at the hospital for the past few days and for three weeks after the surgery when he goes out of town to help another relative of his, it is my turn to shave and shower my husband. HUBBY THINKS OF ME AS THE NAG IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES.

I actually cried in front of my husband tonight about what kind of underwear he is supposed to wear now and whether or not he takes a shower. I have to keep reminding him to use the walker--doctor said so, I tell him. I asked him to pray for me which he did because I was so upset; somehow he found enough words to make a thoughtful prayer. He soften and promised to take that shower in the morning.

We had a plumber out on Wednesday, but for two nights water spilled out in the backyard. They came back, with an explanation,  but it is still not ideal. I don't do plumbing and car repair, nor can I explain them. I miss the days when my hubby could handle these issues.

Last night of all things I misplaced my wallet. I noticed it last night and retraced my steps today. I went to the bank this morning to see about a new debit card. I got cash out so I could buy gas. I need to replace a lot of items including the driver's license and credit cards.

But, what the heck, let me laugh a little at the two Alzheimer's husbands and at myself. .

Thursday night. Hubby is so slow at eating now that it doesn't pay to eat out if we are on a time crunch. But for our 14th anniversary two nights ago (when I had my wallet and when we did have time), we did eat out at Carrabbas in Plant City. I used my iPhone to post our picture on Facebook and my goodness we got so many likes and comments! Hubby was still working on his dinner of course when I was finished eating.

I have to laugh at myself. I didn't want to have an anniversary where we didn't talk, but I just got bored. He often doesn't understand what I say.  So out came Words With Friends games on my iPhone. Our waiter helped me with a game. Then it came up that I have a YouTube channel and often people in Plant City recognize me as MC AC The Rap Lady. In this nice restaurant our waiter got  other staff together to hear several of my raps. Hubby just enjoyed me rapping for these folks. Really we both had a great time.

Good Friday. Since we met Sally and Jake over three years ago, we have been going to Good Friday services at their church. Friday night was no exception. Sally told me 7 pm and we were late because of those bathroom issues of hubby. When we got to their church, the sign said 6:30 PM for Good Friday services so WE WERE REALLY LATE.  We snuck in and sat in back of Jake. Sally was in the choir. I watched Jake try to navigate the bulletin in this liturgical church and helped him at times. He started singing the choir's song. After the service Sally asked me if we could take Jake to Denny's while she and their granddaughter had a choir practice for Easter. The three of us headed to Denny's and I tried to find the funny with the conversation of our two Alzheimer's husbands, DH and  Jake.

Not to make fun of the husbands, but to document the stage they are in I was keeping track of the conversation. About ten times Jake wanted to talk about whether his wife would be joining us.

Jake: Where's my wife now?

Me:  She is at choir practice for Easter. She and your granddaughter will be joining us.

Finally (so I wouldn't be tempted to play Words With Friends on my iPhone as I did on our anniversary the previous night), I switched the subject and said that yesterday was our 14th anniversary. Jake then found a new topic--how long he and Sally had been married. He got his wallet out and started looking. The conversation went on and on--same comments.

DH: Your wife will know how many years it is, Jake.

Jake (repeatedly): But I should know. I am embarrassed that I do not know.

I finally told Jake that one doesn't keep the wedding certificate in his wallet. Now I happened to know that Sally and Jake had their 40th anniversary last summer. He continued to be so upset that he didn't know this. I wrote on a slip of paper for Jake: I was married in 1973 which means I have been married for 40 years. He put it in his wallet to take the place of that marriage license that he thought should be there.

Sally and their granddaughter came. He asked her about how long they had been married and said he was upset he didn't know.

Sally: Sometimes you forget things.

Both husbands needed their wives to them them how old they are. Sally whispered in Jake's ear.

Jake: I'm 76.

Me: Do you know how old you are, Sweetheart?

I also whispered in my husband's ear.

DH: I'm 76.

The granddaughter laughed.

Sally offered to pay for my coffee and my husband's milkshake. So I didn't realize that wallet was missing last night. I have indeed been humbled losing something.

I had been keeping hubby's debit card in that missing wallet along with mine. Today, Saturday morning, we went to the bank to get new debit cards. Hubby told the bank officer earlier today that I was always losing things.

Me: Name another time.

DH: There have been thousands of them.

Then we went to visit the hospital where Kenny and his mother were awaiting her surgery.

From Deal Dash posted on Facebook


  1. I hope you found your wallet by now; son went through a period of time when he seemed to lose his a lot when he was in high school; one time he found it in the pocket of a pair of pants he had put into the wash (interesting story about it, we were at the mall when he realized he didn't have his wallet; so I said a prayer that God would help us find it. We go into a sports store and he knows the cashier, they are talking, son mentions about lost wallet, friend said that happened to him one time and he found it in his pants pocket of a pair of pants in the laundry basket; so when we got home, I made son look and sure enough that's where it was, thank you Lord).

    Happy belated anniversary! I don't blame you for getting your phone out and playing on it if you tried to make conversation and it wasn't going anywhere; that would be hard how to spend the time while waiting for him to eat. Do you like playing Word with Friends? I like it; let me know we can friend each other on Facebook and play that way, if you want to.

    That was nice you were recognized at the restaurant for your rapping abilities :

    Ick on the plumbing problems; that would be hard to figure out.

    Does your hubby have to shower/shave every day? Can you get by with an every other day schedule?

    Will keep you all in my prayers.

    Happy Easter!


    1. Happy Easter to you also. I just tweaked this post and put the place where I got that "Keep Calm" poster that I created for this post.

      HE IS RISEN!


  2. There is ABSOLUTELY no humor with the news that Kenny's lovely mom has cancer. She loves our Lord, but this is so hard. Please pray, folks. She will have surgery and chemo after that.

    1. She is now in a hospital in Orlando awaiting surgery. I am making progress on replacing the contents of my wallet. Have to deal with some stubbornness in hubby and plumbing issues. The one good toilet had a frog in it. But when it got out, I was able to catch it in a urinal and bring it outside.

  3. Bless your heart Carol! It must ear you down at times to always have to be fighting your husband to do what he is supposed to do. I know you'll be so glad when Kenny is back to help you. I'm glad you were able to get a break and go out to eat.

    1. I long for the day that hubby accepts that walker as normal for him and doesn't care what people think as in that Deal Dash picture above.

      Last night we went to a mall so I could get a replacement certificate from Apple from my lost/stolen wallet. I found a bench for hubby, he got out and then I parked the car. He always takes so long to eat these days. I left hubby at California Pizza Kitchen and then went to Apple to get my One to One lessons. Apple was wonderful and so was the eating establishment. I told them that my husband has Alzheimer's and if he become disoriented to say that his wife is at Apple and she will be back.

      The outings that work easily are our Sundays when we go to church and then out to eat after that. Eating out is expensive, but Kenny and I observe that hubby eats more when we are eating out.