Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How a Dementia Brain Is Working Now

  • Hubby thinks he needs extra protection. I had a police officer talk with him and then he stopped  this obsession.
  • He tells the waitress that the same couple sat there three days in a row; waitress didn't verify and of course it wasn't true. 
  • He believes that he has been in his new doctor's office before, whereas I know he hasn't. 
  • Recently he called me mommy and said he was sad because I was up early and wasn't going back to bed. That was only once and I do hope he meant that I "mother" our dog. We go to bed so early and I am an early riser now. Early morning I can write better than late at night. 
  • He confused sisters and wives. He thought he had three sisters. He still knows I am his wife and that he has two adult children with his first wife. He feels related to relatives that call or that he sees often. 
  • He has difficulty understanding why he hobbles when he walks. He tells someone it originally was a military injury, but I have never heard that before. 
  • DH thinks a barber shaved his head, but his thin hair was always sticking out and I was the one to give him that bald look with a trimmer. 
  • He is increasingly stubborn. The shave is easier, but not always his shower for me; when Kenny is sick as he has been lately, it is my turn to get the shave and shower done. Sunday morning Kenny surprised us and VERY SMOOTHLY took pills with my husband. This is their "pill pippin' buddies" routine where Kenny takes his pills at the same time. Then Kenny easily gets my husband into the master bath for a shave and shower. He has the touch. I appear to be the nag for my stubborn husband. 
  • He forgets that we have a different car that we purchased last month. 
  • He asks where we live and how we came to live in our home. 
  • He can't keep track of relatives he doesn't see often. I have too many relatives, he says. Have I really been married three times? 
  • How remote controls work and how to put in his false teeth are starting to be a concern for my husband. 

I adjust to what he says and does and do not argue with him. I am rejoicing that I have hubby walking and still at home. 

We changed health insurance in 2014 because I felt there are more benefits for my husband's dementia situation. Monday the new doctor asked hubby to take off his shoes so he could inspect his feet since hubby is a type-two diabetic. I was impressed. Previous doctors have not done that. I told the new doctor how, since anesthesia makes the Alzheimer's worse, we have avoided surgery  on my husband's knee and how the chiropractor has helped him. Even though admittedly husband is in a middle stage of dementia and losing memory and function after five years, the doctor felt that he should continue the Exelon patch and of course Namenda. 

Me: Did I put your patch on this morning?
Hubby: You must have because I am not leaking anywhere! 


  1. I have a bad cold and will go to the doctor. Hubby keeps rediscovering I have a bad cold. He is very sweet to me.

    1. Finally went to the doctor to find out I have an upper respiratory infection. I will be on antibiotics for ten days, and had meds for the cough and the soreness in my nose and my throat.

  2. Hope you feel better from your cold; that is nice that he is sweet to you! Sounds like a good doctor too to do a thorough exam including the feet. I'm sure it takes a lot of patience on your part to re-answer the same questions over and over again that your husband may ponder about or ask throughout the day. It is neat though that he and Kenny have a special bond or connection that helps get things done that need to be done when Kenny is able to be there.


    1. Well I am taking more time than usual to respond to you, Betty, because of this cold. Yes, this bond between Kenny and hubby really works. Kenny is my husband's "buddy", and we never call him a caregiver. However, he is a volunteer caregiver extraordinaire. We also were privileged to have Pharis come yesterday to mow our front and back yards.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your cold, Carol. When I pray for you I always thank the LORD for giving you Kenny. He certainly is a gift to you all.
    Love, Kerry

    1. Oh Kerry, I appreciate so much you tracking with this blog and praying for us. I know you have been sick recently as well. Pray that hubby doesn't get this upper respiratory track infection.

      Yes, Kenny is such a gift. Last night when I was first starting the medication, Kenny came over and put dishes in the dish washer, cooked dinner for DH and put our trash and recyclables out to the curb.

      After getting a good night sleep and having some meds, I can see that I will get better.

      Love to you and yours,