Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I have seen others post a "Thankful Thursday" post and I have sooooo much to write and I have sooooo much to be thankful for that I am bursting.

First of all I think of the Scripture from James 1:2-5 Count it all joy when you fall into various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.  If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. 

I am thankful for:

1. The frog that I was able to capture and put outside this morning. It was on the kitchen floor early this morning, probably was weakened from its time inside. A towel thrown over it and it's captured and it was taken to the back yard.

2. Home Team Pest Control who sprayed a Yellow Jackets nest this morning--the best time of the day to get them. They also took care of a  wasp nest. We thought they were Guinea Wasps in an earlier post on this blog, but the pest control technician took a sample to check what insect it is--most likely Yellow Jackets, but they will confirm. These critters had stung Pharis earlier and Pharis had told me Monday night that these insects were still around.

Insect Nest Disabled This Morning
2. That Pharis mowed and trimmed Monday. Great job!

3. That I have the day off today, Thursday,  to be home with my husband.  I booked myself unavailable to substitute for two days this week--Tuesday and Thursday. Getting over a cold here and teaching a class for DUI offenders on Saturday. I need time for him and for me.

3. That Kenny could go in the car with DH and me Tuesday because the wheel chair is too heavy for me to put into our SUV.  I was so thankful I didn't have to substitute on Tuesday because the regular teacher was scheduled to return! Two appointments, lunch and getting that handicapped parking sticker. Kenny helped DH get into our high SUV and put the wheel chair he had been confined to in the back.

4. Thanks for Walgreens and appointments. My husband has been getting cranberry juice to help prevent the dreaded UTI, but once a senior citizen gets a UTI, they can get another one. Treat it early, they say. Monday night I bought the pictured kit from Walgreens to test it out on hubby since both Kenny and I saw a sudden difference in my husband a week ago today that I also blogged about Saturday.  For more information on UTIs see HERE. Monday night I used a strip with my husband's urine as well as Tuesday morning. Sure enough it looked like there was an infection starting from the strip results. I could take hubby (also called DH for dear hubby) to two appointments I booked suddenly for Tuesday.

5. First appointment at Markley Chiropractic in Plant City. These magnificent chiropractors helped us after our crash in December of 2010. Will the chiropractor help with hubby's walking? It was so difficult to get DH into the Expedition Tuesday morning, but Kenny carefully coached DH in how to do it and then helped him get into the chiropractor's office.  Dr. Robyn  had seen hubby about his knee before recent hospitalizations. I explained to Dr. Robyn all about the hospital trips and that the X-rays just showed torn cartilage and arthritis. Over the counter and then prescribed medicine for pain wasn't helping him walk, and in fact DH was becoming more wheel chair dependent. The hospital report hadn't been faxed over, but she took our word for it and performed wonders on his twisted knee and back. Right after that appointment his getting in the SUV was easier. DH will continue appointments with her.

Kenny and DH while
Dr. Robyn fixes the back
"Why didn't the hospital find all this out?" I asked her.

"It's like apples and oranges," Dr. Robyn  replied. (There is the medical community and then there are chiropractors is how I interpreted her apples and oranges statement.) 

No more rides for dog Ziggy in the wheel chair! Hubby is using the walker and may not need it soon.

6. Second appointment. We went the primary care office where my husband's doctor was off, but my own doctor saw us to get an antibiotic (Ciprofloxacin HCL 500 MG twice a day) for the UTI. Fortunately she listened to all the symptoms that Kenny and I gave her and saw the Walgreen strips. They would send their own sample of his urine to a lab for tests. By the way I had brought the urine sample to the doctor because I wasn't sure that DH could provide a sample on the spot and he didn't. Note for future: refrigerate any samples you bring in.

6. A handicapped decal for parking. Last week my husband's doctor had signed the paper for privileged parking. When we went to get it Tuesday it was free, despite the government shutdown!

Yesterday, Wednesday, I went back to the school where I have been teaching in a special education classroom. I was scheduled to teach for another teacher, but that special education teacher had not returned from her leave and was going on a year's leave and I was put back in the class that I had said good bye to on Monday and others covered the class I had been scheduled to teach. A gentleman had been offered the job in special education and I was happy for them and happy I was put in there for the day.

After the students were on the bus yesterday,  I was told to wait for an administrator. That gentleman had accepted another teaching position. Could I take a long term job in this class for the rest of the school year, of course taking off on days I needed to be gone? I do love these thirteen students and the paraprofessional I would work with.  I need to call today with my answer.  Pray for the decision which I need to make today. Apparently there are not enough special education teachers around and my years of teaching all grades except fourth grade will come in handy. I do not have training in special education, however. This will postpone my working on the dissertation, but can answer some financial considerations such as paying off credit cards so I can stay home full-time with hubby in a year should the need arise. And less gas because the school is closer than other schools where I substitute! Both DH and Kenny thought it would be great to have me do this.  Kenny prayed about this with us last night. DH and I prayed this morning. Stay tuned. Pray for wisdom that is promised in that James verse above.  


  1. WOW, such great news in many areas of your lives. I'm so happy to hear about the test strips, since I often suspect a UTI for G, but collecting a sample is nearly impossible. Right now he is on an antibiotic for a suspected one. (He had some other symptoms) Do the test strips really work? This would be a huge help to us.

    1. Yes. And you can catch it early. Pray for wisdom for my decision today.

      Hugs and prayers for you and G,

  2. This teaching offer does sound good. It sounds like the administration will be willing to work with you on time needed off. If your students are responsive to you that is a major plus. Teaching can be very fulfilling for both you and the students if you have that. We will be praying for you today and that God will direct your path to the right decision. This Thankful Thursday post is an encouragement to us all and most of all you and DH. Thank you Lord for your Mercies! Praying that Dr Robyn will have that success that will allow for better mobility for DH.

    1. Yes, Sandy, isn't it exciting how the LORD is there for us. So I take it you give this teaching a thumbs up. Hubby is so much happier than last Thursday also.

  3. Wonderful post Carol! Doesn't it bless you even more when you give glory to God? It sure does me! It sounds like you're having a blessed day!

    1. Yes a blessed day and today, Friday, will be as well.

      Update is that I am taking today off from substituting because I am working teaching a DUI class on Saturday. Today Kenny and I are getting DH into see Dr. Robyn. The Ciprofloxacin for the UTI is working and mobility is improving. DH is not using the wheel chair this morning.

      Thanks for your prayers. I did tell the school that I will accept that position for the rest of the school year. However, the Vice Principal has to clear this with the school's principal and she may have other ideas. Whatever the LORD wills. We cannot predict the future.

      Meanwhile I am accepting other sub jobs for October and November--will be good to see students who enjoy my raps.

  4. Praying & congrats!! It's always nice to know your talents and dedication are appreciated!

    1. Thanks, Marianne. Yes, that is gratifying. However, I did not hear back from the school in two days. Now I am not so sure I should accept the rest of the year job even if offered.

  5. So nice you got offered the teaching position! I hope it works out if that is what you want. Glad your hubby is doing better, too!

    1. Yes, Barb, and I do not know now if that is the right decision so am still praying about it should it be offered.

      Yesterday hubby used to walker instead of the wheel chair when we went to the chiropractor and he is happy to be walking again and has his wonderful sense of humor back.