Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Year Older

Ernie Ford used to sing a song called "16 Tons""

Another year older but deeper in debt. . .
Saint Peter don't you call me. . .

Yesterday was my  birthday. I am another year older.

Another year older but not deeper in debt. Last year we changed our mortgage to every two weeks and shortened the length of the loan. At this time next year I hope we will be less in debt.

My birthday gift from hubby is a walking treadmill. His personal shopper got it for less money at Play It Again Sports.

Not everyone does this on her birthday. Get Botox? No. Yesterday morning I had my consultation on my eyebrows and next Monday the deed (tattooing my eyebrows) will happen. For three weeks after that I will not be allowed to sweat while the forehead heals. So after Monday I cannot sweat on that treadmill and work in the yard. How can I not sweat when I have a middle-of-July yard sale coming!!! There are sweat headbands, however, and I do have those and know where they are.

Yesterday we also went to dinner with Sally and Jake at Grillsmith in Brandon. Eliza, the manager, took a picture of hubby  that I am posting on the Plant City Lady and Friends LIKE page on Facebook. We loved our service and the food there. Sally and I both had a delicious salmon salad and my husband had "Pork Chop Marsala", recommended by our waiter. I embarrassed my husband when I did two raps for Eliza. He put his red napkin over his face.

We caregiver wives stick together. Earlier this month Sally had pointed out the card section at Family Christian Bookstore and hubby bought me a DaySpring card I received yesterday with Proverbs 11:10. Now this card was in a small bag that I didn't peak at, but I knew where it was. I put the bag out yesterday morning. Hubby signed it. It said,

For My Wife
Your birthday is a time to reflect
on the amazing woman God
made you to be.
Your caring heart, ready smile,
and love for those around you
make sharing life with you
a blessing.
With each year, I discover
a little more of who you are
and who you're becoming,
and that's a lifelong adventure
I'm thankful for.
I love you,
and thank the Lord for the
precious gift you are in my life.

Sigh! Life is such a precious gift. I love my husband even more than when I married him in 2000. We didn't know what these senior years would bring (his dementia, our car crash, my biopsy next month), but each and every day I see the LORD's sustaining hand.


  1. Lots of birthday greetings on Facebook! One clarification, my appointment is for permanent makeup on my eyebrows with an expert and 100% vegetable dye. The permanent makeup might fade, but there will be a guide for eyebrow pencil then. Yes, I will need to be careful for an infection. Any other thoughts?

  2. Bad Marianne. Happy late birthday, and you are both so lucky to have each other. :)

  3. You are so thoughtful! We went back to that same restaurant and manager Eliza had me rap for the cook, the hostess, etc. But hubby is losing some memory, so didn't remember we had been there.