Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some Answers
Carole Larkin of ThirdAge Services ( to the rescue! Carole has been reading my blog, wrote on it recently and realized the complexities of the questions I was asking here. She is a social media friend I met on the Alzheimer's Reading Room some time back. I "liked" her site on Facebook and had a chance to actually chat with her on Facebook yesterday just when I needed it.

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Me: I put questions on Plant City Lady and Friends last post and I think that I need to change from Preferred Care at the end of the year.

Carole Larkin: I'm reading your blogspot now.

Me: My husband's primary care physician is not very good with dementia, I think. I am writing my seminary counseling dissertation on caregiving and he doesn't seem to realize as much as I am learning.

Carole Larkin:  You are right. The majority of primary care physicians are useless with dementia. That's why I keep harping on going to a geriatrician, neurologist or a geriatric psychiatrist. All would be good choices, Carol.

Me: I have to wait to change my plan in 2014.

Carole Larkin: Changing from Preferred Care is absolutely the right thing to do. You will get more and longer services on Straight Medicare D and a Supplemental Medicare policy. There are medical insurance specials (brokers handling a lot of different companies) that will find you the best deal for both of you at the cheapest price.  

Me: I do need help. It's not working here as I wrote on my last blog post yesterday.

Carole Larkin: A geriatric care manager could not only answer your questions for you, but also give you guidance on what to do in the future, and give you the specific names of resources you need to solve your problems. In addition to all that, they would find out what was at the bottom of the runaround you are getting from everyone (hospital, Dr., insurance).  The Geriatric care manager is a professional and knows what's going on, and they could really get in trouble if they've screwed up. Carol, I'm telling you, you'd save money, time and STRESS using one of them. I'd suggest either an RN or a Social Worker.

Me: And how to I find one? I mean I don't keep phone books anymore and the Internet has so many sites these days.

Carole Larkin: Just try the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers/GCM Specialist.

Me: Wonderful! Can I put this on my blog?

Carole Larkin: Of course you can. Do me this favor though. Put my business website (
on it because there I tell people that I do telephone and email consults just like I'm doing for you now.

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I have spotted three Geriatric Care Managers in Lakeland and when I get our tax return I will go and hire one of them. Preferred Care with its Vision and Dental works well for me, but not for my husband at this stage of dementia.

It is now a week since hubby first started on antibiotics and Imodium for his UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). He is so much better. He finally showered and I helped him shave off his thick beard. My neighbor, Kenny, volunteer caregiver while I am out of the house, and I have noticed the difference each day. (An interview of Kenny will be coming on this blog.)

Hubby and I went to the movie "42" last night. DH got all choked up at the appropriate spots. He slowly ate a hotdog with mustard and relish. I relished having my husband back and going to church with him today. Giving him lots of Pediatric Electrolyte and cranberry juice to prevent dehydration and further UTI infections. Have to develop a cranberry bread with coconut oil as well, and I will share the recipe here.

Besides Carole Larkin, special thanks also to others who emailed me suggestions, texted my cell and of course all of you prayer warriors out there. It takes a village to be a caregiver/lovegiver for family with dementia.  


  1. So much you are going through! Nice of you to share it so openly and honestly that others may learn. :)
    God Bless and I will add you & hubby to my prayer list. :)Mary

    Hope I didn't post this 2 times, I'm not used to the new blogger stuff.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Hey, Pokeberry Mary, thanks for commenting amd for praying for us. My blood pressure that I am monitoring was up from the stress (144/95 yesterday at this time), but it is down now to 127/82. Yes, you posted was twice, but I took one of them off.

  3. Thanks Carol.. I'm dealing with stress & have to watch the BP too.. have some chronic health issues-- so def. understand. Much love your direction! :) Nice to have met you! I'm not sure if I found you through Georgene (a keeper at home) or where I picked up your facebook--but she is an online friend for years. :)I don't have the best memory.

  4. Not alzheimers or dementia, just chronic pain & fatigue which also causes cognitive problems. ;) I imagine some of it is just due to aging as well. :)

  5. Praise the Lord for Carole Larkin and her advise!!! We will be praying for just the right Geriatric Care Manager for your Hubby, Carol.

  6. It is so good to hear that he is doing so much better this week! :) We are continuing to pray for you all. Hope you are doing better yourself too....