Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beginning Area # 7 of The House That Cleans Itself

Once there was a couple who loved having company including overnight company. They had bought their dream home in 2001, during the first year of their marriage, and it would eventually be their retirement home, they hoped--not too big, but big enough. Now she also needed room for sewing and a few other projects, so he calls this room the "craft room". She wants to call it the "guest room" and had her husband install shelves on the wall for her stuff.

It is the junk room and we are that couple. It is in our house-- Area #7 of my blogging about applying The House That Cleans Itself, by Mindy Starns Clark.

Can you make out a bed there?

Once there was a plan above.
My sister-in-law said on July 5, 2008, "Life is not long enough to organize everything." I found her great quote going through clutter. And I found other stuff misplaced as well! Do not, and I repeat, do not expect a report on Area #7 anytime soon. I will either get busy on this "ginormous"* mess, or get discouraged along the way.

It was a pleasure to have company recently and Areas #1-6 were finished.

Above you can see the dining table set for company and the chandelier that my husband put up before Alzheimer's.
Area #6 Small Garbage Can and Carol's Station by Hubby
Our dog would always invade an open small garbage by my husband's DVD coffee table, but now it is not accessible to him. Hubby calls me to sit by his side and I don't have a coffee table for my things, but a side table, what author Mindy Starns Clark calls a "station". I do not share my husband's interests in movies most often, but I have made myself a station here for things I read, magazines, newspapers, and have a lap desk for my notebook computer that I can put on my lap while I sit by his side. He is just happy to have me there and I m happy to have my station by my side to entertain me.

Monday night I spoke at Toastmasters. The title of my talk and Power Point was "The House That Cleans Itself" and I so went over my time limit. The talk was videotaped  for all the world to view my "ginormous" messes and modest successes. I brought extra junk bunkers to give away and got some takers at Toastmasters! This talk is on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/tlM_DbNkOwc

Hubby of course went with me to Toastmasters and then we went to the Olive Garden for a late supper. Both of us take half of our meal home now. Over dinner he forgot about my long-winded presentation because of his short-term memory. This is why he sees the same video from his collection over and over again. Maybe if I show him that YouTube, he will remember. Have to get photo albums together for him soon, and there are photos in Area # 7 that will help me.

Do you have a room like our guest bedroom?


*"Ginormous" is a word from Marianne's blog here.


  1. Carol - you did ginormously awesome! And as far as the mistreatment of guest rooms, check out the picture on my blog regarding that very issue here: http://webandofmothers.blogspot.com/2012/02/ingredients-for-successful-bash.html

    You have inspired me. I've given away 5 hefty bags worth of stuff this week & then had to use my neighbor's garbage cans when I exceeded all the room in mine while unloading stupid stuff I was hanging onto. Your blog seems to be working!

  2. Love that picture on your ginormously funny blog, Marianne! At least one other soul on the planet also has such a guest bedroom. You go, girl--five bags of junk!

    We don't have a quota for garbage here in the county outside of Plant City, but I have been known to pick up our neighbor's trash on the street when a roaming animal got into it. That was before I got off the niceness treadmill (my book).