Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who Keeps Promises?

This issue has been on the news this week. I addressed this with Jan's Story review on this blog on July 1 below.

When I wrote about Jan's Story, a comment was made that led me to McQuilken's book shown above. He writes on p. 23:
I have been startled by the response to the announcement of my resignation. Husbands and wives renewing marriage vows, pastors telling the story to their people. It was a mystery to me, until a distinguished oncologist, who lives constantly with dying people, told me, "Almost all women stand by their men; very few men stand by their women." Perhaps people sensed this contemporary tragedy and somehow were helped by a simple choice I considered the only option.
LORD, that you for my husband. I want to show love to him all my days, no matter how difficult it becomes. Help men and women caregivers who come across this blog to also keep those promises. Help me live longer than he does, if that is your will. Amen.


  1. I was so disgusted when I heard Pat Robertson's cold hearted, ignorant...non Christian comments, I've never liked him......what about the marriage vows....through sickness etc..........

    Interesting about women standing by their men more than men standing their wives.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of us care givers....

  2. I knew I'd need to be in a 'happy' state of mind to read this book. It's on my shelf. I still haven't read it.

    I wonder if Pat Robertson received a rebuke over his reply that was not founded in scripture?

    So sad when a man who has such influence leads people astray. May the Lord put a guard over our own mouth.

  3. Interesting... after I left your blog I was 'surging' and came across this reply to Pat Robertson. I thought you might enjoy reading it.

  4. I am not a Pat Robertson fan. He has a shock effect, too caught up in his 'importance'. We all need to keep our values true and straight and keep caring for one another.