Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting My Creativity Back

Port-a-Potties at Best Buy
Wrote two new pieces. I must admit I had inspiration--Black Friday happenstance and a comment from 18 year old Joshua whom I substituted for in September. Ideas take time to jell, but not this Black Friday ditty below.

I am not a Black Friday shopper, but it turned out I was hanging out with Sally and Jake on Black Friday. My car was getting new tires (actually received Black Friday discount) and we went to Best Buy so they could buy a certain item for their granddaughter.

Found out that Best Buy had people camped out Thanksgiving night (Gray Thursday) and they provided potties for their customers! I had to take a picture! I had to write new lyrics to Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. 

Waiting in line on Gray Thursday 
And is it ever cold! 
All I want is in the display 
Get it before it’s sold. 
Waiting in line on Gray Thursday
Let the big discounts be mine 
Later I’ll have some pumpkin pie 
My day off has been so fine.  
You might get a jealous feeling 
When ’er you hear 
All I got for my money 
To deck my halls to be so pretty. 
Waiting in line on Gray Thursday 
Sleeping in on Black Friday 
If I missed some big discount 
I’ll get it Cyber Monday. (Music) 
Waiting in line on Gray Thursday 
And is it ever cold 
All I want is in the display 
Get it before it’s sold. 
Waiting in line on Gray Thursday 
Let the big discounts be mine 
Later I’ll have some pumpkin pie 
My day off has been so fine.  
You seem to have some special feeling 
You say that I’ve been missing? 
Gratefulness for what makes me jolly 
Ingratitude yes ‘tis my folly.  
Thinking about what I’ve been missing 
With all these new traditions 
Ingratitude for faith and family 
Three new days of acquisitions 
Three new days of getting stuff.
I guess I am commenting on how materialistic we are becoming, so to get the bargain we sacrifice family time to wait in line for stuff.  I will share this ditty at Toastmasters like I did my snow birds piece two years ago. See HERE for Summer Wonderland that goes to the music for Winter Wonderland. That post shows celebrating my husband's 75th birthday--so glad we did that.

The occasion for the new rap topic came from Joshua, an 18 year old who said, Mrs. Johnson, write a rap about children having children. I did and it might not be politically correct as adults point out to me, but all the students I have tried it out on like it.
Think, think, think 
You think you're entitled
       Your passions are unbridled 

           You’re barely out of toys
And you’re into boys
You think you’ll be a bride 
But he took you for a ride 
‘Cause he’s given you a distortion 
Of love that’s really hormones
And you’ll have a child 
While you’re still one yourself 
That daddy’s gonna hide 
But we’ll be by your side 
And don’t get an abortion 
Think about adoption

Yes, the diapers start to stink 
All because you didn’t 
Think, think, think 
You don’t have a job 
You can’t go out and rob 
Laundry will be piled 
Welfare will be filed 
‘Cause you didn’t abstain 
And there’s little to gain 
You didn’t think think think 
Yes, it’s time to refrain 
Don’t have a child
While you’re still one yourself.
I also am enjoying rapping for strangers--for example young people who offer to take my groceries to the car. Saturday I saw the latest Hunger Games movie (students I sub for will see it) and I shared my Boredom Games rap with the young woman selling me my movie ticket. She giggled at this 70 year old rapper and I told her about my YouTube channel for MC AC The Rap Lady that is scheduled to have ten more raps up soon.



  1. I liked the lyrics on both of the songs, Carol. So true about the commercialism of Christmas that time is taken away from families to get the best bargain. We don't shop on Black Friday, but then I don't buy a lot of gifts, have a handful to buy for and keep it simple. I like your other lyrics too about children having children. I think it could be popular for right to life clinics and church groups encouraging abstinence. I am glad you are able to find an outlet for the talent God has given you through rapping :)


    1. Betty,
      I can't say enough about YOU. You are a great social media friend. I love your posts on your blog and you always seem to catch my posts and comment. No wonder I am YOUR fan.

  2. Got an interesting comment from a student about my rap. He said that teenage girls celebrate being a woman by getting pregnant and that there is nothing wrong with that. I don't think that rap I will put on YouTube.

    The lyrics to the song "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" went over well in Toastmasters this week.

  3. Another interesting response came from a young man working at a grocery store here in plant city. He was working at the deli and recognized me as his substitute. I spit two raps for him including my latest one above. To my astonishment he liked it and is becoming a parent himself, having to grow up early. He said he will be there for his baby, unlike his father who left his mother. I commended him for his maturity at an early age and for finishing high school and working now.