Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Goal and Uninvited Visitors

Ziggy is compassionate. 
He whimpered on a walk 
when we found a dead squirrel.

H O W E  V E R!

My dog Ziggy and I have had mice for two months! 

At first the apartment management brought paper traps that are sticky on the inside. Hasn't been effective! The apartment then came with wooden mouse traps. 

The only thing that works is a wooden mouse trap. 

One night I heard scratching in the wall and so did Ziggy. Couldn't sleep that night!

60 pouches with some broken into!

Meanwhile, the critters have been getting into his Moist and Meaty food! I taped it up and then turned the box around and sure enough! Mice had broken in! 

 Not only have they gotten into his food, but at the end of two months they brazenly parade in front of us! 

What is a poor widow to do, folks!


  1. Carol, if you can, put Ziggy's dog food in the fridge. That's an attractant to the mice. If the apartment maintenance aren't working diligently setting traps, get some of your own, they aren't too expensive and bait them with peanut butter. Also, if you can, walk around the outside of your apartment and see if there is any access holes you can see where the mice are coming in. Check with local exterminator companies too. They might be able to help you if the apartment management aren't working quickly on trying to solve this problem.


  2. I have his food in a metal can and in my large freezer. It is 11 pm and he is barking now! Like your suggestions.

  3. After 11 pm and Ziggy is barking in my bedroom. Sent prayer warriors pictures of his trying to get a mouse.

  4. Finally after moving furniture and one hour mouse is out of bedroom and Ziggy has stopped barking. My car is in for repair and I can’t take Ziggy to a motel. Now he is barking again. Maybe there is another mouse here!

  5. Hi Carol!. I hate mice. We've always lived in the country and they have always gotten in someplace. One thing I know dog food will attract even more of them. We have 3 dogs (dawgs) here so it is a big concern for us. We bought a food container that is just wonderful. It can be difficult for me to get into much less mice or dogs. It might be too big for ziggy I don't know but I highly recommend it. We got ours at walmart. https://www.chewy.com/gamma2-vittles-vault-stackable-pet/dp/101389?utm_source=google-product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=hg&utm_content=Gamma2&utm_term=&gclid=Cj0KCQiA37HhBRC8ARIsAPWoO0zxhmpZ16jIBKbj108hKhMMReSz-xSoVQ1oLVrz7nvsa9OAX7TGmNQaApH2EALw_wcB Also-- I 100% prefer the wood traps. Decon granules also are very good but you may have to endure the smell of dead mice inside walls or wherever they are. If you have one or two mice you have baby mice someplace. You won't find those but d-con will kill them as well. Those paper traps in my opinion are useuless although Jeff says that they did take the bait in the basement. My problem was my laundry, I've found little holes in a sock or two and a t-shirt. They nibble a little and I'm not sure why? in any case it is an on-going battle. :(

  6. Thanks SO much, Mary and Betty! Just getting up.

    To sleep I put Ziggy’s food elsewhere and closed the bedroom door. . I put his leash on and had it around my arm so de wouldn’t jump down from the bed he sleeps in with me.

  7. Apartment came to fix a few holes. Just had a mouse run behind bookcase in living room however.

  8. grr, I mentioned this I think on emails. Jeff bought little boxes from D-con they worked extremely well in basement all the bait was gone so they all ate some & died. I did not find any mice taking that bait or peanut butter. I think they may have only wanted nesting material as I found a little of my clothes nibbled on. Maybe they are all gone. I never saw any up in our house. Jeff found droppings in basement before he baited thm.

  9. Mice have been gone a week now? More traps helped!

  10. Will let y’all know if they come back!