Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goals and Bucket List for 2017

Highlights of the 2016 year include putting two new raps on YouTube ("While You're Still One" and "Rocket City Ditty"); finishing the dissertation "Finishing Strong With Dementia Caregiving", except I have to defend it; and walking again after breaking both feet in August.

Cast and boot in August

So what are my new goals that 
you all can hold me accountable for?


  • Get a Fire Tablet or borrow an iPad for the Skype defense of my dissertation
  • Learn self-checkout at Wal-Mart


  • My weight is on a plateau, but I do go to Weight Watchers so I didn't gain back the 40 pounds I have lost. Lose 10 to 15 pounds to add to weight I have kept off.
  • Use walker when ice outside so I do not fall again.
  • Use the gym at my apartment three times a week.


  • 2017 Bible Reading Plan

  • Consistent prayer life. Ask others how can I pray for you. Continue going to my church prayer meetings once a week.
  • Encourage others--give them warm fuzzies and only constructive criticism when asked or if wise.
  • Visit the residents at the nursing home where I stayed for three weeks. 
  • Join the church in Huntsville I am active in.


  • Defend dissertation successfully.
  • Read more books. 


  • Visit sights in Alabama and maybe elsewhere. 
  • Read novels.
  • Find TV shows to enjoy. I really didn't watch TV much as a caregiver for my late husband.
  • Wear hats to church often.
  • Enjoy Southern culture.

  • Paper decluttering
  • Clothes--get rid go them and only wear what looks good on me
  • Kitchen--only keep what I use


  • Consolidate four credit cards for a lower rate and pay off as much as I can this year. Used credit too much during my caregiving years.
  • Save
  • Use IRA withdrawal for dog Ziggy’s operation, etc.
  • No new credit cards

How about you?
Do you have similar goals?