Sunday, July 21, 2019

Two Former Caregivers Become Engaged

Dr. Patterson was in my Praise and Prayer group Monday night that met at Huntsville Health and Dr. Chuck as he is known read my book, Getting Through the Dark Days of Caregiving.  His wife of many years was dying in  room across the hall from him and his roommate Bill.  Mixed Dementia was her diagnosis. We prayed for this couple and others at that meeting. Then I would see that all the residents got back to their rooms.

Several months ago his wife died and several of us attended the funeral and learned more about this couple who had served briefly on the mission field.

While I was walking Dr. Chuck back to his room, as I also did for others in the group,  I asked him how his grieving was coming. A few times this retired medical doctor cried.

Then Dr. Chuck started coming to my church as he liked our pastor who conducted the Monday night meetings.

Meanwhile I was writing for 75 days in a row on Facebook until my 75th birthday. I miscalculated and the 75th day I wrote my last post. So on my actual birthday, Dr. Chuck called me up and asked me to drive him to the mall.

When we got there it was raining and instead of using his cane, I took my walker out of the trunk so he wouldn't fall.

Where to? I wanted to know.

Kay Jewelers, he said.

Now I don't hear well, but sitting in front of wedding rings I got the point!

Our families are happy for us. A date was set for August 11th at 4 pm at the church that held the Praise and Prayer meetings and we have been catching up on dating since then and planning a simple wedding.