Saturday, January 9, 2010

Higher Memory Score Again

One thing I will never forget about 2009 is living with my husband's dementia, deciding to become the best wife/caregiver I can be under the circumstances,  and learning all I could about dementia. I chronicled this effort on this blog. Here is a summary of his memory tests which are the usual indicator of problems.

• In December of 2007 my husband scored 29/30. I suspected a problem, but the doctor didn’t.

• In December of 2008 he scored 22/30 and his doctor told him point blank he has dementia. Namenda and the Exelon patch were prescribed.  We don't know what kind of dementia he has, but he definitely has short-term memory and life is frustrating to him often.

• In June of 2009, by a comment someone made to me, I started researching coconut oil and how it can help people with dementia. Immediately I incorporated it into his diet.

• In September of 2009 he scored 23/30, going up a point!

• Yesterday, January 8, 2010 he scored 24/30, going up yet another point!