Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rocket City Ditty

So living here for six months makes me feel like I am on vacation, discovering new places, and making new friends. Of course the big attraction for me as a widow, is that I live by family. Now I haven't decided I am a donut fan or a football fan yet, but the pressure is on. One grand nephew likes Dunkin' and Auburn and the other grand nephew likes Krispy Kreme and Alabama. 

In the meanwhile I have fallen in love with this city, Huntsville, Alabama. They say the engineers here retire and decide to stay also. As a reverse snowbird moving here from Plant City, Florida, I started to notice the quirkiness about Huntsville. So I wrote a rap. 

Computer program Huntsville Schools uses
"Hvs" is short for Huntsville, and "Edmodo" is the name of a computer program used by students in middle and high school--public school students all have laptop computers checked out to them instead of books; elementary students have iPads and recess if you can imagine that, Florida!  

Two days this week I will substitute in high school and I will try out this new rap on the students. Will let  you know how it goes. 

Rocket City Ditty
Do I love this city?
If you need an adventure
There’s Space & Rocket Center
In spring, fall and frost
Edmodo is the boss
Hey Hvs school
You are pretty cool
Hvs has its schisms
Hvs High or Grissom
Name your donut
Dunkin' or Krispy Kreme
Alabama or Auburn
Name your team
Engineers who like the arts
And lots of business new starts 
Houses and buildings brick
Making friends that stick
Memorial Pkwy is a cinch
Helps you get there in a pinch
Military time Redstone Arsenal
Don’t ask me anything too personal
Rocket City ditty
Yes, I love this city.