Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

My husband let me be his personal shopper which includes his family, mine and myself. I loved the symplicity of our wants, because our needs are met.

Officially his gift was a pool table. I love playing pool with him, but also love the space on that protected pool table for projects. I can cut out sewing projects there, organize my DUI teaching, and file for income taxes there. Furthermore our puppy cannot get on that table.

We went to my husband's daughter's home on Christmas as we usually do when we are in town on Christmas. He seemed unsure that we would be doing this. I guess tradition means less for him than it does for me.

News on My Husband

On December first of 2008 we went to my husband's doctor. I told her of concerns about his memory. A year ago he scored 29 out of 30 on a memory test. That day he scored 22 out of 30. She told my husband that he has dementia. A brain scan was ordered and he had that scan on December fifth, his 71st birthday. A week later we learned that his brain was normal, but obviously he does have dementia.

We are assuming that he does not have Alzheimer's. However, he is taking two medicines for his short-term memory: Exelon Patch and Namenda. These medicines should slow down the dementia.